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It’s been a long busy week and I’ve let some time slip by without posting as I sort of unexpectedly started a new 9-5 this week. I’m actually on my way to bed now but just wanted to pop in with a wee update:

  • My entry for the reference book was accepted with minor changes. Now the task at hand is toning down (or desexing, if you will) my bio so that the more mainstream, hell even literary writing accomplishments will shine through. Wasn’t easy. Sex shows up A LOT in my writing. Tee Hee. I’ll be updating the top of this blog and my website to show the actual name of this upcoming project.
  • I’m expecting contracts for the latest short story sales any day now and got invited to participate in two more… hooray!
  • I’m still sifting through headshots and resumes for Her Mama’s House. It’s tiresome, but a really different, interesting experience.
  • What else, what else… oh yeah, I’m beat.

Night all!

Gotta Love Completion

Well, I’m done with the nonfiction piece and I am so sick of looking at those 750 (actually 751) words it’s ridiculous. I’ll be dropping it in the mail in a few, and if all goes well, I will have earned another nonfiction credit.

Had one of my vivid pregnancy dreams the other night… twins (natutally) and one was moving all around, limbs showing through my skin… would be freaky had I not lived that exact scenario in real life three and a half years ago, but I digress. As the dream (or its meaning) would dictate, I am having a pretty creative period right now and thank goodness. Something had to drag me out of this bed, after all.

Good Friday

With a nice, salty margarita and an Almond Joy at my side, I opened my email tonight to find that Stella And The Silver Stilettos was accepted for Sexiest Soles: Erotic Stories About Feet And Shoes to be released by Alyson Books this July. It’s already available for preorder at Amazon!

If you remember, this story was a miss for another anthology a few months back and I was ready to file it away with the other rejected ones but submitted it again on a whim… needless to say, I’m glad I did!
I’ve also already received payment for the script writing gig I was hired for earlier in the week. Now, to get to working on it…

Man, as far as the submissions and the writing are concerned, I am loving this year.

If I Never Hear This Phrase Again…

So, I’m sitting in a not so crowded waiting room, avoiding the eyes of a young man who I just know is going to say something utterly stupid when given the chance. Guess what, he didn’t wait for, or apparently even need, eye contact.

Him: “Hey Miss…”

I looked, against my better judgment.

Him: “You got some thick thighs.”

I half smiled while trying to keep myself from dry heaving. What was it – a compliment, an insult, an observation???!!!

He added: “I’m just saying, they’re nice.”

Gee, thanks. The compliments just keep rollin’ in.

Well, I’m Writing

And I thought I was getting off easy by tackling the 750 word project first. I’ve spent a great deal of the afternoon doing the research for the non-fiction piece I’m working on and the more I search the net and jot down my notes, the more it’s looking like I may not even be able to cram all this info into a 750 word piece. I mean, with some condensing, it could certainly be done, but I fear I would be doing a great disservice to the subject, and I happen to love who I am writing about (no, it’s not me, ha ha).

It is an interesting change from ficiton, an even greater change from the erotic fiction, but it so reminds me of high school/college and those research papers.

Well, I guess it’s back to it, then.

Water, Water Everywhere

So, lately I find myself the problem of having lots of writing I could be doing, many ideas to explore, work I’m even contracted for and even having hours upon hours of free time in which to do it, but you know what I wanna do instead? Sleep.

That’s right. As much as I love writing, as much as I’ve begged for the free time and mind space to do my creative work, it seems now that nothing motivates me to sit in front of this PC and actually get the sentences down.

And what’s worse is the director I’m working with on Her Mama’s House just hired me for a script writing gig. I should be happy. I should be bouncing off these freaking walls. What in the hell is wrong with me???!!!!

I’m going to attempt to do the nonfiction piece today for the reference book and maybe that will get the juices flowing.

If only I could stop thinking about going somewhere and having a big, fat margarita…