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“Looking for some hot stuff, baby, this evening…”

Actually I’m looking for some hot stuff from this evening until July 8th. Remember several months ago when I put out the call for my very first anthology with Cleis Press, Can’t Get Enough? Well, I’m here to ask for two or three more smoking hot, gotta have and gotta have it now, erotic stories to round out the book.

If you have something in your treasure trove of stories, or if inspiration strikes you to whip something up that will pack a punch and really fit the theme of the anthology, please do send it my way. The original call for submissions is here.

Knowing When

I can be relentless to a fault. I can repeat the same thing over and over again in different ways just trying to get my point across or simply be heard. I was once too proud to do this, too afraid of showing weakness or vulnerability.

With age and well, Valium, that all sort of went out the window. I began feeling more like I didn’t have anything to lose and I voiced my opinion and about any and everything, everywhere I could. And, I received mostly the same results.

Now, I’m thinking I need to go back to being that silent and numb person I once was. It was better that way, and safer, and I wasn’t feeling as on edge or as much like I would stroke out at any moment. You can’t control everything. You can’t control most things, and that can be frustrating.

But you have to know when to back away and just let it be, because it’s going to be, whether you like it or not.

I’m back to writing in the meantime, and I hope that’s something that never changes about me, never is muted or tainted. I hope that’s something that never, ever goes away.

Whatever It Takes

I’ve already harped on Twitter about my 1k+ word count accomplishment today. To my fellow, more dedicated writer friends, this probably sounds like nothing, but for me who has been creatively mute for the past month or so, this is wonderful.

Of course, the burst of creative energy came from a huge bout of stress I’m dealing with, but fortunately, this is an awesome outlet for me. I subbed a story last week; I have another near completion, and I’m having tons of fun working on yet another (with sex injuries, yay!).

I’ve also added two-mile walks to the mix which also help.

Hell, anything is better than punching a wall (or a face), I guess.

Somebody has to be the bitch; it might as well be me.

A little over a year ago, my sister called to inform me that she had “let” her car go back and she needed to borrow my extra car to go to work. We use the term “let go back” because that’s just what she did. She did other things with her money besides paying her car payment -like club hopping and buying clothes- but when it came down to taking responsibility, she enlisted my help.

I kindly told her that my old car was having problems. It wasn’t at that time, and that was probably mean enough, but not as mean as me saying, “Um, no, you put yourself in this situation and I’m not going to bail you out of it.” And anyways, she can’t drive a manual. *shrugs*

She dug her way out of that situation, I’m sure, but she stopped speaking to me for several months because of it, which sort of showed me something: If I wasn’t of any use to her financially or materialistically, then I was disposable. I pointed this out to my husband.

I’m telling that little story to lead into this one. We have another “extra” vehicle that we don’t drive much. It’s an SUV and I joke a lot about it being the “borrow car.” When a friend or family member’s car breaks down and they can’t (read don’t want to) fix it right away, they borrow it. This has happened four times since it became our extra vehicle. First it was his sister who kept it for three months before I made him get it back and when he did, she had scraped it on the side and didn’t tell us. Next it was an ex-coworker who borrowed it twice for a couple of weeks at a time because her husband’s car was down. Yes, she borrowed a vehicle for her husband (who the fuck does that!). Oh, you had to be there to hear me bitch about that one.

This time, it’s his cousin whose truck is down and this is how the husband got me – he said his cousin needed to borrow it to go to an interview the next day and I was fine with that, but when the truck didn’t return home the next day or the next week and still isn’t there, I asked about it, to which the husband replied, “Well, I told him to keep it until he’s straight.”

Until he’s straight? When will that be? And who decides? If someone is supplying you with a vehicle that you have to do nothing to maintain besides putting in the gas you need to drive it, how fast would you move to get your own vehicle fixed? Maybe you don’t know a lot of people who would do this (hell, I don’t), but it seems to be a thing with my in-laws and he refuses to put his foot down or even check on the status of our vehicle.

When something happens to it, though, WE have to pay for it. We pay the insurance. We pay the taxes. Everyone else just gets a free ride. That’s why I always mention selling it, or I’m always wishing someone would just wreck it or it would break down, then they’d have nothing to borrow and you know what else, they’d probably no longer have any reason to associate with us either…which is sorta fine by me.

Bitch of the Family, Over and out.

I Read, Enjoyed and Reviewed Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Cheeky


I’m a visual person so first of all, Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Cheeky Spanking Stories appealed to me aesthetically. As I dug into the book and devoured story after story, however I found that the vast range of themes and characters came together to give the reader something that appealed to other senses like the obvious – touch, or in these cases, sound smacks- and of course, sound.
With such a straight forward theme like spanking, it’s important to add in other elements to round out a collection like which is why it was refreshing for me to see acts of domination as in Lucy Felthouse’s A Perfect Dom where a pair of hot pants give an unintentional invitation. I’m never mad when the lady has the upper hand like in Birthday Boy by Cecilia Duvalle where a woman goes all out to give her husband of twenty years a birthday spanking.

In fact there are several instances in this collection where the woman takes the lead, even when it’s another woman that she’s leading, as in Theresa Noelle Robert’s Mermaid, the mind blowing girl on girl tale of seaside fun and frolic. Giselle Renarde’s bored female lead finds herself touched –in more ways than one- by a stranger in Butch Girls Don’t Cry.

Even the spanking as punishment element gets a new spin in Craig J. Sorenson’s Unwrapping and Thomas S. Roche’s Papers to Grade.

And in one final treat the editor herself book ended the collection with a, well,
remarkable story called Marks. In it a couple visits to a nudist hotel which prompts one woman’s insecurities about wearing the bright red remains of her partner’s spanking. I was naturally drawn to this story of intrigue where it prompted me to think of lipstick on a collar, where you see it, and wonder just when and how it got there.

Whether you’re a giver a receiver, or like me, a voyeur, you’re bound to find
several gems in Cheeky to leave you poised, panting and ready for a lick or two.

I posted this review on Amazon and gave it a well deserved five stars.

Where Do I Get Off?

Of course, there had to come a day when I had to talk about at least a bit of my process of putting together Can’t Get Enough. I guess since the whole thing went so much smoother than I ever could have imagined, I thought that my silence was protecting me from some stroke of bad luck or the wicked publishing jinxes, but alas, there are bound to be bumps in the road.

So, yes, in April, I turned in a book. I had selected some amazing stories, stories that had me in awe. Of course, I’d had to walk away from some really good ones because of theming and spacing issues which meant I had to send out a truck load of rejections. But even in doing that I received not one death threat in return. Authors even wished me luck with the project and expressed their excitement in seeing it come to light and wanted to help promote.

I thought I had gotten off easy and wondered how I had gotten so lucky.

I let my tentative list of authors know that they were included in the initial manuscript and I would keep them in the know as to what I knew which is what I’ve been doing. And all I know right now is that we’re set to fly one year from my turn in date which makes it a tentative pub date of April 2014. Now, I don’t know why, but I’ve always operated under the assumption that no news is good news. I hadn’t received word that anyone’s story was cut. I hadn’t received back any additional edits or seen the galleys (and not that I won’t). But I also hadn’t received the contracts for the individuals included or the received the go ahead to send them. And none of this is odd to me because I’ve been in the game a long time and am more than used to the time line (hello wrote a story in 04 and saw it published in 06!) But I have an author or two who maybe isn’t used to it and is fretting. And I am in turn fretting and wondering if I am doing right by these people and the rest of them and in no way with this being my first time out as editor do I want to feel like I’m not getting it exactly right. I don’t want to leave anyone hanging or have anyone feel like things aren’t on the up and up.

So, I’m thinking a mass email is in order… just in case there are others who may be thinking the same thing and not saying anything because yeah, maybe I’ve been there and don’t remember… and everyone can benefit from a check in…right?