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Jump Start

I had a story idea for the Santa’s Sweets anthology, had took down some notes, then decided to go another way. While I liked the idea and would still like to follow through on the story, it was a bit too heavy. It was a sad, break up story with a little twist. The story I came up with soon after is much lighter, very naughty, and I think it will fit in very well. I thought breifly of writing them both, turning them in and letting the editor decide which he wanted to use, or see if he wanted to use both, but I think that would be a bit ambitious with my low energy and time limitations.

I managed about five handwritten pages (front and back) last night. matter of fact, the story is virtually done but for trasferring it into a word file, adding detail and cleaning it up. It’s tentatively titled Special Delivery but that’s subject to change because I think it’s too simple and sort of predictable.

I saw a post in one of my writers’ groups that reminded me about NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November. I’ve only participated once, about three years ago. Actually, that was when I got the bulk of What It Looks Like From The Outside done. If I could ever decide what I want to focus on as far as Novel 2 goes, I’m thinking it would certainly behoove me to participate this year.

I have part time work tonight, so I don’t anticipate much writing. I hope to manage some over the next couple of days with a possible turn in on Sunday.

We’ll see.


Time off has breathed new life into my creativity, into my vision and while I am currently still dragging my feet on sitting down and mapping out a definitive plan, it is forming in my mind and I’m taking steps toward making it happen.

On Friday I contacted an old writing group buddy who also does graphic design and web work (she does great work by the way). I’ve asked her to quote me some prices on building a website for me and I’m just waiting on her to get back to me.

I didn’t work on the Trinidad story and I don’t think I’ll be able to complete it by Friday, but I’m not sick over it.

I did, however, start working on a synopsis for what I think (hope) will be novel #2. As it turns out the more I thought about it and wrote, it occurred to me that this was the very same idea I had come up with a few years ago, did some work on, then set aside. It will take some digging to find the notes and such, but I’m sure I had a good bit of it already written out.

I’m also sure I want to proceed with a collection, but I need to think more on the specifics, like would it be a collection of closely linked stories, will certain characters appear in more than one story, or am I aiming for a diverse collection with mass appeal? I would love to be able to consult with someone with experience to choose the right stories so that the collection flows smoothly and isn’t repetitive or too broad in subject matter.

I want to just do it. Stop talking about it. Stop worrying about it. Just sit down, write the stories and see where it goes.

I heard from a member of my writing group this morning, giving feedback on Evolution of A Stalker. It had been a few weeks since I sent it to him and I had given up hope that he would ever respond. It was my opinion that if he didn’t have anything good to say, he wouldn’t say anything at all and I was fine with that because I hate critiquing. I just feel like I’m beating up on someone’s work. But I was prepared for, even wanted the tough critique if that was what he had for me. But, he liked the story, really liked it. He wants to post it on his site. He also asked again about my contributing something to his Christmas anthology. I had thought it was too late but now that I see it’s not, I’ll see what I can come up with.

Not a bad start to the week, considering it’s a cold, wet Monday.

Back To Basics

As much as I like to go with the flow, wait for inspiration and the urge to write and proceed with projects, I’m beginning to accept that I really need a plan of action. I think I need a little something more to motivate me, something that I can really stick to so that I can see one of my many visions through, finally.

This weekend I plan to huddle up with a pen and legal pad and sketch out a plan get some things done including starting a website where readers can access my stories, getting a short story collection completed and finally choosing an idea for and proceeding with novel #2.

One thing I’m sure I want to do over the next couple of weeks is submit some short stories to some online publications. I took a long break from doing that because I was focusing on being in print, fascinated as I was seeing my name and my words on pages of an actual book. But it was an online publication that published my first story and gave me the encouragement to try to get it into print. I’m sure I won’t write anything new to shop around, but I’ll probably just try to take a look at and/or rework some of my idle stories.

I also want to share my work more. As much as I love people reading my work and giving feedback, there are still so many people who have no idea that I write. I’m sitting on so many contributors’ copies of anthologies that I’m featured in it’s ridiculous, so I’ve contacted a couple of friends who I haven’t chatted with since I first began seriously concentrating on my writing and offered to send them some books.

I’ll be seeing my mom this weekend and I think I might work up the courage to show her my latest work, but chances are I’ll chicken out before I actually do it.

So, my immediate plans are to finish the Trinidad story by next Friday, maybe complete the sex and death story and then really lay out a feasible plan to get myself where I want to be.

Missing Muse?

It’s occurred to me that my muse has been quite accommodating over the past week. While I did make the conscious decision not to start any new writing projects, or fiddle with old ones, I also didn’t find myself suddenly bombarded with inspiration and new ideas as I usually do.

So, I figured that either a) my muse is being a dear and letting me rest while my mind and body is weary and my children are sick or b) it’s fed up with me and my do nothingness and is gone never to return.

Dramatic, I know, but that’s me.

I’m not really worried that I’ll never be moved to write again. I just thought it was interesting that I’m enjoying this break so much.

I found a new blog that I’ve been using as a procrastination tool all day. I can never get enough of writers’ blogs. I find comfort in knowing that they all (published or no) struggle and fret just as I do. It makes them human and that’s a good thing.

Name This Blog

I’ve changed the name of this blog at least three times and I still haven’t found anything I want to stick with. I hate to keep changing the URL just when I’m starting to get a few “hits” but I’d really like to come up with a title better suited for me, something that really reflects my personality and my overall blogging intent. Hmmm. maybe I need a mission statement… Anyway, I guess no one knows me better than me, but I’m open to suggestions.

Still no writing, but a lot of reality TV watching. Boo that Cowboy didn’t win Big Brother. Yay that Chip and Kim won The Amazing Race.

I’ve been casually mentioning to hubby that I’d like to take a trip to New York in November. That’s the month Naughty Spanking Stories From A to Z is released, and Rachel is planning a book release party that I’d love to take part in. I need to get details from her, but if I can swing it (meaning get over my fear of flying, gather up some airfare and arrange to sleep on a friend’s couch) then I’m there. I also have to make sure it doesn’t coincide with a freind’s wedding that month in Atlanta.

Hopefully I’ll have more to report soon as far as the writing goes, but right now I am feeling better over all, so that’s a start.

Project Purpose

After the attack of the 6,000 word story last week, I found I needed a hiatus – from writing, from blogging, from brainstorming ideas. I was just really worn out and distraught over devoting all that time and energy to Girl Talk to just have it sit. Even though I do like the story and its characters and feel it may be headed somewhere at some point, I was disappointed that I couldn’t send it where it was intended at that particular time. In short, I felt like all that work was for nothing.

And then I had to check myself. Even if I couldn’t submit that story, even it I never submit it anywhere, was there no purpose in my writing it? Did I not get anything out of it? Did it not fulfill me in some way? Even after feeling so beat down over the whole thing, I still have to say the work was not in vain, and I’d like to think that nothing I write ever is. Even if the result is nothing but a lesson for myself, a practice run at something bigger and better, there is a reason.

So, at some point I will revisit Girl Talk, maybe make a tiny little book out of it and stick it in some friends’ gift bags this holiday. But for now, I’ve made my peace with it.

I received my contract and money for Bend (to be featured in Naughty Spanking Stories From A To Z) over the weekend, so that was nice. I used it to get my hair done, and boy was I displeased with the results. I asked for a haircut and she barely even trimmed it. Then she made it extra curly and after I left I kept combing and brushing it so the next day it resembled something Farrah Fawcett wore on Charlie’s Angels – which I have to admit I kind of liked.

But I digress. Submitting to this anthology was a great experience for me. The work just seemed to come together so effortlessly, but of course I’ve only seen it through the eyes of one writer, who knows what poor Rachel went through to bring this project to fruition. But from my end, it was one of the best experiences I’ve had with an editor and I think Bend is going to be one of my favorites.

The children have been sick. So, there was some time spent at the doctor’s office and at home on the couch soothing cranky babies. She was well enough to go to daycare yesterday but I stayed home with him. We took a nice, long nap and watched lots of Sesame Street.

I don’t know when I’ll feel up to resuming the writing. I still want to finish the Trinidad story, but otherwise, I’m not feeling pressed to submit to everything I find. I get burned out too easily that way and the work feels forced. And if there’s one thing I never want to do, it’s force out a story that I’ll end up not even liking when it’s all said and done.

So, I’m back, somewhat rested and rejuvenated and ready to take on whatever’s next.


I am kicking myself right now. I made such a stupid mistake.

We learn to follow directions in what… kindergarten, right?

So, over the last few days I was hard at work on Girl Talk, working to get it emailed in by midnight last night and at eleven o’clock, I had completed a 6300 word story that I was pleased with. I went to the website to review the guidelines to make sure that I was formatting it correctly and there it was in plain English. The word count limit was 4500. 4500??!! Why did I think it was 7,000? I frantically began trying to cut chunks out of the story to see if I could shave it down and still send it in, but then I realized that I had begun writing the story with the mindset that it would be a certain length, therefore every scene, ever section, hell, almost every word was vital to the story. So, I just quit and left it as is and went to bed.

That’s another opportunity I’ve missed out on because of y own negligence. But like I told hubby, at least I finished a story.

It’s not something that would really fit anywhere else, so for right now I’ll just hold on to it. And if I ever get off my ass about working on a collection of my own, maybe that’s where it will go.