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!!!! Attention !!!!

Please note the address of the blog portion of my website, where I will (try really hard to) be posting all my entries from now on:,com_mamblog/Itemid,29/

I will still be posting here for a while, but eventually, it will just be easier for all the traffic to go over there. Besides, you could check out all the stories and info on the site while you’re there!

On The Job Hunt And Writing Front

You may remember that recently, well nearly two months ago now, I was laid off from my job. Since then, I’ve applied for over a dozen new jobs (and only a dozen because it’s ridiculously slim pickings in and around the town in which I love). Until very recently, I hadn’t been called for any interviews, but I had my first one on Monday (another job in the medical billing field) and it went very well. I actually have a second interview for this position this coming Monday. I’ve scheduled another interview for next week, this one with the school district, and I got a phone call tonight for a case worker position, interview next Friday. The first and third sound very promising. The second is kind of my back-up.

I started a new story today, and I know, I know, I still have Waiting to finish, but what can I say? The muse speaks and I say, “Yes, Master.” Anyway, it’s titled Casualties and the writing is going incredibly smoothly. I already have over 1,000 typed words and many more to be typed. I think I can finish it by (knock on wood) tomorrow night.

I also have an idea for another story that I need to jot down and push aside because that one absolutely has to wait.

So, all is going well, right now and I couldn’t be happier about it.

When You Get A Minute

Between last night and this morning, I’ve done some massive updating to my website, including blog entries and three new stories. Midnight Letter To Fran was added to the erotica seciton, Better was added to the fiction section, and Happily Ever After was added to the nonfiction section. Whenever I learn to work my scanner, a new picture of moi will be there, too.


It Just Doesn’t Get Any Better

So, I logged on tonight and found out that Covering has been accepted for publication in Ultimate Lesbian Erotica 2007 edited by Nicole Foster. I’m so happy about this and breathing a huge sigh of relief seeing as how I almost wasn’t able to pull out a story at all for this one.

This just put the cherry on my sundae of a day, not to mention, I got some great writing done as well.


The Kind Of Mail I Like

In today’s mail were my contributor copies of Ultimate Undies and Sexiest Soles. First of all, the books look terrific! I love the covers. And on the inside, the introductions are fantastic – it helps that my stories are mentioned in the intro’s to both books, ha ha.

Of course, the first thing I did was flip to my stories, Things Between and Stella And The Silver Stilettos, my eyes peeled for those dreaded typos or something else I had missed, and guess what… there were absolutely none! I loved reading them and am quite proud of both! This is making for a very good day.

I took yesterday to recover from finishing Covering, but today I’m right back at it with Waiting, the story I was almost done with before I got all sick and stuff. It’s already nearly 4,000 words and I haven’t even added as much detail as I would like. I do think I’ll be pleased with the end product, though, and that’s always a good thing.

So, there you go.

I Love It When A Story Comes Together

Well, I’ve been absent because I was under a tight deadline which as of 8 o’clock tonight, I have officially met.

I was contacted last Monday to submit a story for an already closed submission, and while I was honored at such a request, I was feeling immense pressure to produce something.

A day or so went by without my feeling inspired to write anything and I was starting to get worried. Then, I remembered a story I started a long time ago, Blink, and felt I could revive it for this particular call.

I worked on it. And worked on it. And worked on it. And it just wasn’t working.

By yesterday morning, I was panicking. Then I pulled out an old sheet of paper with notes for another story scribbled on it. I had come up with the idea several months ago, but never got the chance to explore it any farther. Well, between yesterday morning and this evening, those notes became Covering, my latest short story. Let’s hope for good things. I’m actually quite smitten.

I’m hoping this breakthrough is the beginning of a streak of inspiration because there are three deadlines coming up that I really don’t want to miss out on.

A Window Opens

So, I wrote and wrote and wrote, but still missed out on the extended deadlines for those two calls. When it came down to it, I knew that I owuld only be able to finish and submit one story, but the one I chose to run with just wasn’t cooperating. I just can’t get that story together for some reason. It just wasn’t… I don’t know… clicking. But I won’t take this lying down. You will be written, Good Wives, you will be written.

That being said and done, I opened my email tonight to find yet another rare writing opportunity that I’ll elaborate on at another time because I don’t want to jinx it. But keep your fingers crossed this week that my fingers move like the wind.

Sometimes I can’t believe I’ve been this lucky in my writing life. And I don’t even have a book deal.