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Today has been a wonderful writing day! I got a lot of work done on my spanking story, In fact (knock on wood), I think I’m actually finished! I’ve gone through it several times today tweaking it, and just now at work, I do believe I’ve completed it. When I get home tonight I’ll throw on the finall touches, page numbering, etc. and I’ll email it to the editor.

I also found a call for submissions I had intended to write something for, then realized that I already had a rough draft of something that would be perfect for it. So, I wrote some more on that in long hand and hopefully tomorrow I can convert it to Word and have a final draft by May 1st – the deadline.

I’ve resolved to write and submit as much as I can from here on out. No more being picky about where I submit. If I can write something for a publication that doesn’t make me retch, then write I will!

On with writing!

I actually got some writing done during the day today. I worked on the piece that was requested of me for the spanking anthology. I went into it hoping it wouldn’t give me troubles and it didn’t really. I actually had a little flow going for a while there and then one of the babies woke up and there was my snap back to reality.

So now I’m at my part-time gig working and bullshitting and waiting for hubby to email me the Word document so that I can work on the story some here. The deadline is Saturday and I’m all starry-eyed… aaahhh, I acutally have a dealine for something!

I think I spend too much time worrying about not getting enough acceptances/earning money writing/gaining recognition. And I’m not spending enough time appreciating what I’m already accomplishing. Even when I’m not receiving books and checks, I am always expecting them or waiting acceptances/rejections from submissions I’ve made. And that’s progress, right? I’m moving toward my goal and doing a whole hell of a lot better than I ever thought I would.

I’ve done a lot of looking around for articles on sex writing and new calls for submissions. I’m becoming more and more accepting of my fate as a sex writer. Sure, The Great American Novel may actually be written by me one day, but until then, I’m writing what I love and loving what I write.

Okay, I’m starting to sound corny now. Gotta go.

And now that my head is somewhat more together… in other life news…

I got a certified letter on Friday from my OB’s office – I should say former OB’s office because apparantly they’re cutting ties with me for lack of payment. I fully accept responsibility. No I didn’t and still don’t have the money to pay, but still I could have talked to them when they called, tried to make arangements, etc. but, too little, too late. I must arrange to have my records sent elsewhere which right now is nowhere since I have no health insurance. So, that resulted in my crying at the kitchen counter while me and the hubby were feeding the kids. It went something like:

me: i’m so tired of not having money, not being able to pay bills, etc.

him: are you crying?

me: boo hoo, sniff, snort, no…

So, I’ve decided I’m going back to work full time. Don’t know when and don’t know where but something has to be done. I’m again feeling like I need to do somtihng to get us out of this situation and so I shall.

I went to my cousin’s wedding on Saturday. This is her second marriage. The wedding was long because the wedding party was ridiculously large, I mean ghetto fabulously large. How long will this one last? I don’t know, but I’ve got my money on six months or less. That’s mean, I know, but I also know her history. But don’t get me started.

That night we stayed at my mother’s and while we were away from home, there was a murder suicide on the street directly behind us, I mean right on the other side of our back fence. A man, Richard Seymour of the New England Patriot’s dad to be exact, shot and killed his girlfriend, then killed himself. Creepy. Glad we weren’t home. Another reason I can’t wait to move. It also freaked me out because six years ago, this could have been me. Of course, back then I didn’t see the “relationship” for the crazy/obssession that it was until he started STALKING me, but damn, hindsight and all that. Hope he still lives in another state. But I don’t want to think about that right now. Too much more time to spend at work where it’s quiet and I actually can think about it. So, later.

First of all, it’s pretty obvious that I was overly ambitious when I started this blogging thing. I thought I would be one of those super dedicated bloggers who blooged twice a day like it was my religion and here it is what… a week and a half later and this is only my second blog. Well, in my defense, I’m blog illiterate and didn’t know how to add a new entry and was trying to edit instead. So, one day last week I blogged in Word intending to later cut and paste once I got this thing down, but alas, I’m at work and I left the disk at home so I’ll try and recap. It was much better worded then, but this is the jest.

A little over a week ago I got an acceptance for the femme/femme erotica anthology I had submitted to a couple of months back, barring rejection from the publisher and I’ve had that happen before, so this may or may not be another publishing credit for me. I’m happy about it nonetheless because so much time had passed that I was sure I’d be receiving some generic rejection email any day now. So, woo hoo.

Also, in a separate email from the same editor, I got an invite to submit to another of her anotholgies, one on spanking. I’m giving myself a total pat on the back because I’ve never been invited to submit before. With me it’s always a send it- hope it gets read – hope they like it – hope it gets accepted kind of thing. So I guess I’m coming up a little in the erotica genre.

I’ve been working on the story I want to submit; I’m still amazed that I came up with an idea so quickly seeing as how I’ve never forayed into the spanking area of erotica. Now, that I think about it, my stuff is pretty vanilla so this is a wonderful opportunity for me to diversify my work.

Today I was reading one of the many erotic anthologies I’ve purchased, as a matter of fact, and I started thinking about most of the things I’ve written myself- especially lately- and how most of them involve a threesome in some form or another. Whether it’s a menage trois, an affair, a lover finding out their partner is cheating, the character being in a relationship and their heart/loins are elsewhere… man do I have a lot of material on this! Am I just that one-sided or is that where my head is at lately? The reason I considered whether or not there were any ongoing themes in my writing was because I’m trying to pick what stories I will include in Skin when/if it ever gets done and I was like man these are a little too similar. I’ve been able to get away with it when publishing in other anthologies, but as a reader I wouldn’t want to see all these stories together in one collection. I don’t want Skin to be themed. So, that’s a task I’ll work on, mixing it up a bit.

Until later.

This is my first official blog. I figured I’d go ahead and start one since I’m always snooping around reading everyone else’s -mostly other writers- looking for inspiration and I figured hey, I’m a writer! Somebody out there might want to hear what I have to say. So, we shall see.

On the writing front, I sent out a story to Susie Bright for Best American Erotica. I believe it will be for the 2006 edition. I also sent something out today to a Canadian Erotic Periodical. We’ll see how all that goes. I try to send things out with the “if it’s accepted it’s accepted” attitude, but I have to admit that I’m anxious about everything I submit these days because it’s a new year and I’ve yet to have anything accepted anywhere. Last year was a good year for acceptances, which does make this year a good year for publishing credits (4 anthologies so far) but I’m anxious to find out those were just a fluke.

I’m still pushing ahead with my own collection of erotica though I still fight with myself everyday about it. Am I ready? Have I been published enough? Would people want to read it? Is it vain of me to self-publish?

Blah, blah, blah.