Archive | March 2005

She Lives

To attempt a total recap of the past few months would be pointless, but in a nutshell I’ve been:

  • – working 50-60 hour weeks
    – dealing with the terrible 2’s
    – coping with an onslaught of rejections
    – reevaluating my writing path
    – shopping compulsively (boots, purses – good!)

    I don’t have the best memory, but without skimming over past entries, I think it’s safe to say I haven’t had any work accepted since I last posted. It would also be safe to say I haven’t produced much of anything new. I did finally complete The Change of Life in a last minute attempt to make a February 1 deadline and being that the piece was rushed, I wasn’t pleased with the results. So, I shouldn’t have been surprised when it was rejected a week later. It was a thoughtful, complimentary rejection, but a rejection nonetheless. However, it was one that encourages me to go back to the piece and rework it instead of making me want to hurl it into a fire.

    My husband gave me a journal for Valentine’s day. It’s still blank. We’ve also begun talking anthologies again. And I’ve brought out yet another unfinished novel from the dust pile to see if there’s a spark.

    Such is my life. I’m certain I’ve lost my two faithful readers, but I will work on posting more.