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So, I had this story published…

… and that always leads to good things, right? Reviews, a little money , other opportunities… right? Well, on my other blog, I told the story on how I unknowingly would up in this particular book (the editor got a hold of a story of mine and published it as a reprint and I found out at the last minute when he was scrambling around trying to get in touch with me so that I could sign the contract) but I digress. The contract got signed and sent back. The book was released last month. I received my contributor’s copies from the publisher last month. I was assured by the editor that he was working his way through the list of authors to send out checks. Ok… that’s fine. I wasn’t looking for a mill or anything.

However, it’s been a month+ and I’ve heard nothing. And it’s not a lot of money. Nothing that will in any way make or break me, but I’ve seen nothing, heard nothing and have received no response to an email that I really went back and forth on even sending when otherwise, this particular editor will email with even the slightest detail. It’s become a rather shady situation, and I’m not too comfortable with it.

This same editor has asked me to submit something for his next project and I was pretty excited about it, but now, well, he’s just established himself as someone I wouldn’t want to work with at all.

Professionalism is key, people.

So… The Dead Has Arisen

Well, it’s been nearly four years since I’ve posted here. Of course, my reason for stopping back then was that I had my own website… which, well, never really got off the ground. It never did look the way I wanted or expressed my point of view so after two or so years, I just let it go kaput. I went on to do some sporadic blogging over at MySpace… like it… good way to network, but still a bit, um, young for me as, oh yeah, folks, I’m on the other side of thirty now!!!

So, that brings me back here and boy, oh boy, has a lot happened in these four years. When last I posted I was just laid off from my job of three months, had just separated from my children’s father and was living in my mother’s house. Oh yeah, I wasn’t doing a lot of talking about my personal life either, but hey, things change, don’t they?

Anyhoo, I got another job – been at for three+ years, bought a house, got a divorce, got remarried – to someone else, not HIM again! and I’ve published lots more stories. See the back pages of my Myspace blog for infor on all that stuff – and I get more personal there, too.

But, I’m excited to be back. I happened to rediscover this blog on Google and spend a decent amount of time going through the archives and was thinking to myself, “Boy, was I witty on Blogger!”

So, maybe here is where I need to be.