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The Ten Things I Know About Writing

I saw this in Heather Brewer’s blog and thought I’d give it a go.

Here are ten things I know about writing:

10. There are no sure things.
9. There is no such thing as “I did my best.” You can always do better. Write and re-write… until the deadline, that is.
8. You’re never too good or too famous to help someone else along.
7. No matter how much you’ve been publishesd, acceptances still feel magnificent and rejections still sting.
6. You should always be true to you. Write what you know, what you like, what you would read, what you can live with having your name attached to.
5. There are stories all around you. People watching is very useful.
4. Writing costs less than therapy. Do you know how many exes I’ve gotten back at or how many mean people I’ve er um… eliminated in a story?
3. You can never have too many ideas. And on that note, if you don’t use it, you might lose it so get in the habit of writing everything down.
2. There is never enough time to write everything you want to write.
1. 98% of the time, writing totally cures what ails me.

Yeah, that’s about it.


Well, as of tonight, I have a cast for Her Mama’s House and let me just say they are absolutely gorgeous.
Today was a good day as far as writing goes. I used a hell of a lot of post-its at work starting two stories because I never could get out to my car to grab a notebook. These two are fiction with deadlines of May 15. I’ve gotten to a point where I need to really try to even out my submissions as far as genre. Oh don’t worry, I’ll be writing the erotica, but I’ll also be writing the fiction and non-fiction and such. And oh yeah, the screenplays, tee hee.

Well, gonna grab a shower and take a nose dive into bed.

Book Covers And Film Casting

I meant to post this last night, but I found out through Rachel’s blog that the two fetish anthologies (coming out in July 2006) that I have stories in now have covers and here they are:

Also, I received the DVD of the casting yesterday and it was amazing. The guy that we’re pretty sure is going to play Prescott is so gorgeous I could just cry. But above all that he is very talented. I liked the others, too and one of the girls actually spoke into the camera: “Your script rocks!” Aww, girl, you just want a role in my movie, LOL.

The Terrifying Quiet

So, this afternoon I did something I hardly ever do. I connected to the internet while the kids were still awake. I was on for a few minutes and started reading one of my favorite blogs when suddenly it occurred to me that the house had become silent. You know that feeling you get deep in your bones when you just know something terrible has happened, the kind of feeling that paralyzes you and you’re scared to get up out of your chair to see what may have occurred?

Well, parents of toddlers know to worry when there is sudden quiet. So I got and walked to the kids room thinking I’d find that they’d knocked each other unconcious or figured out the locks on the doors and wandered outside. But, there they sat on their knees in their bedroom watching cartoons as cute as can be.


**And don’t worry, before I was even done typing this post, the girl child had started screaming and the boy child had run in here to tell me he didn’t do it.**

The Casting Call

Well, the casting call for Her Mama’s House was held Saturday in L. A. Only four people showed up. Luckily, there are only four roles in the film, LOL. From what I understand, there may have been a mishap with the email to the other interested parties and/or the money situation wasn’t working for them… anyway, we have our cast and from what the director tells me, the universe sent them our way. She said each person is perfect. My top choice for one of the characters did show up so I’m very happy about that, and someone I do remember liking a lot also showed up for another role. The directer is sending me a DVD of the casting this week. I can’t wait to see it.

Man, I wanna write movies.

How freakin’ crazy is that?

Oh, some writing did get done over the weekend. Started three new stories and worked on others. I’m satisfied with that. Got a great idea for a screenplay today… an idea that actually seems to good for it not to have been explored before. I’ll have to Google it and see.

Oh, and my blog anniversary was April 15th, so happy belated anniversary to me. One of these days I’ll pay more attention to my other blog… but for now… ah well.


I remember watching an episode of Oprah a while ago and there was a woman on there who had gone through something very traumatic – please note that I’m not trying to downplay or generalize this woman’s situation, I’m just cutting to the chase – anyway, she told Oprah that she allows herself five minutes a day to cry, scream, feel sorry for herself, whatever. After that, it’s over. It’s time to suck it up and move on.

I’m thinking, actually I know, I nned to apply that concept to my writing. I was on a roll at the beginning of the year, writing and selling one after the other. But then, something traumatic happened andI was, of course, too busy, too stressed, too damned depressed to write anything.

Well, it ends here. I realized it as I found myself apologizing and explaining things to someone I’m working with on a project when I hadn’t done things that needed to be done and now a promising project may suffer because of it.

She was/is very understanding about it, but that’s beside the point. She shouldn’t have to be understanding or make exceptions for me. I’m a professional and I’m supposed to have my shit together, or at least be able to give the illusion that I have it together while I’m barely hanging on in reality. So, with my 24+ free hours this weekend I’m going to go through my submission calls folder, check the deadlines and get cracking on some writing becuase I’m a writer and that’s what we do.

**Remind me that I wrote this next week, when I’m back to slacking off.**

Color Me Intrigued

Well, the cap on my Sunday night is a cold glass of beer and sitting here half watching HBO’s Big Love. It seems I’ve gotten a little hooked on this show. I especially like the storyline they having going on now with Bill and the first wife which I won’t spoil for those of you who didn’t watch. A great little twist…. something I would totally throw in if I were writing the story.

Anyways, nothing new to report here… still tired, terribly stressed with no time to write. I desparately need to update the website and blog so that it reflects more of my upcoming projects. That way it will at least show that I have done something at some point.

You know, every time I decide to blog I have these things in mind to write about… like tonight it was about Anne Lammott’s declaration that if not for her ability to write, she would be completely unemployable. But oh well, I won’t be touching on that tonight.