“All They Do Is Fuck”

A few days ago, I walked into the room to find my husband had started watching True Blood from Season 1. Neither of us had ever expressed interested in watching and really knew nothing about it.

I, however, know that I’m not into vampires in any kind of way, I don’t even know if “vampire” should be capitalized.

But, when I walked in, Sookey and Bill were, well, in the throes.

“That’s it,” my husband said, pointing at the screen, “that’s all they do.”

So, naturally, I was intrigued and started watching with him. It’s officially our thing now.

But, beyond all the wild, crazy, “dirty dick and all” sex, we like the damaged relationship between Tara and her mother. We love that Tara is such an emotional mess and keeps pushing Sam away.

And fake voodoo woman?

And naked man turned dog shape shifting?

Count me, I mean, us in!

At this point, we’re pretty attached to Lafyette, so don’t tell us if he dies. We almost needed resuscitation when we thought he was dead at the end of Season 1.

So, we’re enjoying it, and Hubs has sternly looked at the dog and said, “I better not ever catch your ass naked at the end of my bed!”

Review of Kyoko Church’s Nymphomania

Erotica author Kyoko Church’s “Nymphomania” is a historical erotic romance, the first in the Draper Estates Trilogy, which chronicles the story of diseased Lilliane, new bride of Ewan Draper.  Seemingly, since she is not only able to enjoy sexual pleasure and but also able to achieve full orgasm, young mill worker Lilliane is diagnosed with Nymphomania and must be sent to an assylum if she is not cured.

Though I had my own personal views of the handling of Lillian’s treatment by the doctor, her new husband, and eventually the maid, Celese, it occurred to me, that the author, Ms. Church had perfectly acheived her goal, she had written a book with a host of characters that were believable and that I was passianate about, so much so that at points I wanted to throw my Kindle against the wall in frustration!

The story is classic, timeless and timely, bringing slut-shaming to the fore-front in a time when it is still indeed ever present.  Ms. Church has written a story surrounding a time when women weren’t supposed to expose or embrace their sexuality, not even with or even in front of their own husband. 

The fictional world the author created was believable, and one I was immediately drawn into, and the writing was tight and consistent.  There were of course the erotica must haves: bondage, masturbation and voyeurism. The unexpected twist on the very last pages, left my mouth watering and hanging open and waiting, nails tearing at the sheets, for the next book in the series.  You can order it from Amazon here.

Something for Something

I’ve never featured a whore in any of my fiction.  Well, I did once, a long time ago, in something I never finished and of course never published.  That was when I first started playing around with the erotic genre and wasn’t really sure what it was all about.

I’ve been listening to Frank Ocean’s Pyramids over and over since I got the CD in the mail.  It’s by far my favorite, thought I must admit, since I got stuck on that one, I haven’t given the others much chance.  It made me think about one of the stories I’m working on, which happened to be about something quite far from a whore/john or even stripper/customer relationship, but it gave me the idea to play on that as something new and different to do in my writing.

As someone who has been writing in the erotic genre for more than a decade, wearing out my welcome is something I often worry about.  I want to keep satisfying and surprising my reader.  I want to keep them on their toes and I want to keep them coming back for more.  I don’t want them to open the book, read the table of contents and know that they’re going to get the same old thing from Tenille, hell no.

So, not to give anything away, but on this longer piece that I’m workong on that I really hope will make it to publication, I’m playing with somehting different and it was inspired by this song.  Actually, I’m really close to turning in a short-short piece that was inspired by an Etta James song, too.  Well, at least inspired by the title of it.

So, here’s listening, and writing, and hoping.