And the Good News Is…

After 1+ years, I still have Lyme Disease. And that’s good because I can attribute the extremely high levels of liver enzymes and blood calcium to that instead of cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis, lukemia, a cancerous thyroid tumor or some other awful thing. But…that doesn’t mean that my doctor(s) aren’t sending me through the oh so fun motions of taking the tests to rule these things out just in case.

In addition, I’m going to be seeing some specialists, doing a lot waiting and seeing, fretting for sure, and hopefully, finally getting some answers and some help.

To veer away from that, some really good news is that Smut for Chocoholics is now up on All Romance ebooks as of yesterday. It should also be up on Amazon soon. It includes my truffle story Kisses and here is the saucy cover:


But in the best news of all, my twinsies will be ten tomorrow…woohoo!!!

Sick and…

…well, you know the rest.

Who knew that a sore throat could last more than a week, even with medication?  So, I hesitate to say that life has gotten in the way, but it happens.  It’s well… life.

I am continuing to write through it all, having progressed one story to the final editiing stage and steadily adding to the word count of another.  The deadline for both is the end of January, beginning of February.  I am also staring down the deadline of my own anthology (Can’t Get Enough for Cleis Press), for which I’ve received a good many submissions, and am happily accepting more until February 15th (see below or my call at Erotica Readers and Writers Association).  I need to write my own story for that as well.

I’m also dealing with life issues, bumps in the road with my daughter, her situation and the school system, but nothing I’m not used to and certainly nothing I can’t handle.

Whatever, whoever, whenever, bring it on.

Another day, another pile of bullshit.

Well, I opened my mouth and I’ll be damned if, now, it won’t close.

Conveniently, I blame the Valium. It gives you that euphoric, “I don’t give a damn” feeling at the most convenient of times. Take this weekend, for instance when I was being cursed out every other hour by my husband.
I would love to chronicle the story, but the shit is so bizarre that I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

I could start “here” I suppose:

First thing Saturday morning, husband told me that he “was” going to take the day off to be with me. Which sounds to me like he had thought about it but had changed his mind along the way. Okay. I called my mother to see what she was up to. She asked husband’s work schedule for the day and I gave it to her. Which he received as me forcing him to go to work. We were at breakfast at the time. Immediately, he wanted to go back home and go to bed and “rest up for work.” Fine… but I detected attitude. And knowing the extremely passive- aggressive man I’m married to, I let him.

For a while. You see, I don’t care to sleep my life away. I wanted to hit a yard sale or two. If he was hell bent on going to work, then he didn’t have to join me. BUT… I had this nagging feeling that if I did go yard sale-ing by myself then somehow in some way I would be accused of abandoning him and/or not taking advantage of what little time we had together. I voiced my concerns. He was his distant, defensive, denying self.

And…I hadn’t had my Valium. So, I cursed and cried.

And eventually, that exterior of his softened a bit. We went out for the day. I hit my yard sale and he got a haircut. We visited my mom and spent a little time with my stepson. We went to a softball game (which I DO NOT enjoy) but I did it in the name of love/family time.

Well… apparently an ex of mine was there. An ex so insignificant I can’t even describe but anyway. He spotted the man before I did. And this, apparently, was reason enough for him to cop an attitude and bring up a slew of old shit that had nothing to do with anything.

It was awful. So, awful in fact that I rode around town searching for the magistrate to have this man put out of my/our house. I wound up at a girlfriend’s house instead and drank a beer. He didn’t attempt to contact me for a while. Then he did as if everything was all good.

It wasn’t all good with me, of course, and I told him so. Thus began more arguing. He called me everything but a child of God and vice-versa and it takes a whole hell of a lot for me to stoop to that level.

When I tell you I was/am done…????!!!

Constantly, I beg of this man to get out of this marriage that taunts him and hurts him so. Leave this woman who is such a whore and easy lay and who, he would have you believe, has cheated.

You know, I didn’t even intend to go into that much detail, but one of the topics of the argument was that I had mentioned the “other man” in my blog. Which I didn’t. I mentioned “that scandal” and that was it. But, he made it seem like I romanticized this guy or something.

Ridiculous, I tell you.

Which leads us to last night/today. He’s been syrup-y sweet. It’s so typical and obvious and just so fucking contrived I can’t stand it. But he’d never believe it. He believes he’s being authentic. And he might be…for the time being.

I don’t know what my point is. I don’t know if I even really have a point here. I just needed to vent it. And especially now that I know he reads this blog (which…did/do I even care?) well… whoomp here it is.