For me, the only thing goals are good for is ensuring that I fail. And I don’t mean that in a superstitious, jinx-y way, I mean that in a “I put too much pressure on myself and I cave” kind of way. That’s why I didn’t set any hard goals for myself on this get fit by walking and achieve writing goals by writing every day other than posting my daily selfies on Instagram and (sometimes) logging my daily word count.

And the easy answer is, sometimes I don’t make it. Like on Saturday, when I was recovering from a hangover most of the day, then spent the rest of the evening with the wonderful ladies of literature Sheree L. Greer and Fiona Zedde. I didn’t walk and didn’t write all yesterday.

I did however, log in a whopping three and a half miles this morning at a beautiful park I discovered when my regular one was still locked.

As for the writing, I’ve yet to log any real word count for the day. I played around a little with some scene ideas in my Notes App. 

I will say, I am so damn inspired by listening to Sheree and Fiona read from their new work last night. They were so eloquent and lively and I loved their question and answer session they had with each other.

So, there are still plenty of hours left to this day. Hopefully some writing will get done.


An Idle Mind

Of course, I immediately question that title because my mind is never idle. It’s always going, going (gone). But you may have noticed that lately I’ve had something to do almost daily, pointing you here, pointing you there, here a link, there a link, everywhere a link, link.

But, since there appears to he a small break in the blog tour, I have nothing new to pimp. And that’s actually fine because the reviews, interviews and giveaways have all been great. And the  awesome thing about the internet is that the stuff is going to be there basically forever so you can always go back and revisit.

Myself, though, I’m fretting about some things. I’m tapping my foot at an unheard of tempo as I write this.

And for whatever reason, it always gets my creative juices flowing. So, I’m working on something new. I don’t want to call it anything in particular yet, but I do know that these characters are more complex than I planned and need them to be.

But I like the story. The words are coming easy and it’s making me smile. And I need to smile.

I also received review copies of the first two books in Alison Tyler’s latest series and that makes me happy. I’ll dig into those when the sun goes down. 😉

“All They Do Is Fuck”

A few days ago, I walked into the room to find my husband had started watching True Blood from Season 1. Neither of us had ever expressed interested in watching and really knew nothing about it.

I, however, know that I’m not into vampires in any kind of way, I don’t even know if “vampire” should be capitalized.

But, when I walked in, Sookey and Bill were, well, in the throes.

“That’s it,” my husband said, pointing at the screen, “that’s all they do.”

So, naturally, I was intrigued and started watching with him. It’s officially our thing now.

But, beyond all the wild, crazy, “dirty dick and all” sex, we like the damaged relationship between Tara and her mother. We love that Tara is such an emotional mess and keeps pushing Sam away.

And fake voodoo woman?

And naked man turned dog shape shifting?

Count me, I mean, us in!

At this point, we’re pretty attached to Lafyette, so don’t tell us if he dies. We almost needed resuscitation when we thought he was dead at the end of Season 1.

So, we’re enjoying it, and Hubs has sternly looked at the dog and said, “I better not ever catch your ass naked at the end of my bed!”

Can’t Get Enough

Quixotic Orchid

Can’t Get Enough: Erotica for Women is an erotic anthology filled with fast-paced, intense quickie style stories that go one right after another in such a variety of styles they’ll keep you on your toes (or your knees) for the rest of the summer. It’s all a reader can do to breathlessly keep up. Once you start reading this book, you really Can’t Get Enough. (I read it twice!)

Can't Get Enough

After reading Tenille Brown and Cleis Press’s celebration of pleasurable, smoldering sex that can be performed by anyone anywhere, I got the chance to interview the amazing first time editor. (Ain’t I just the luckiest girl ever?)

1. What was the first erotic piece you ever read and how did you respond to it?

When I was younger, I was given a copy of “Erotique Noire” edited by Miriam Decosta-Willis and Reginald Martin. The cover was certainly provocative, as was the…

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When you wish…

I don’t know if this is every writer’s story, or even any writer other than myself, but when I began to think seriously about writing with the possibility of others reading it, and even more, someone paying me actual dollars for it, I made a list if goals. They were mostly in my head, some may have been scribbled,in some long, lost notebook, but In any case, they existed.

I wanted to finish my first novel by twenty-five, have published a few books by thirty. I wanted to publish short erotica. I even had a wish list if editors I wanted to write for, publications I wanted to submit to.

For the most part, if we forget I mentioned the word “novel,” I’ve ticked things off that list one by one until The list was done.

Or so I thought.

I recently found out that an idol of mine, someone whose erotica I’ve been reading , since I was (not old enough to be reading erotica) would be writing the foreword for my first anthology.

And then there it was. The galley in my inbox,  and he had spoken so highly of the very collection I had edited that I felt sure he was talking about some other book, some other person, but it was me, it was mine.

And like a kid with a sparkle (and a little tear) in her eye, I realized that yes, dreams still can come true. Even after thirteen years, even at *grumble grumble* years old.

Here is the cover. There is my name. And there, up top, those are his words. Thank you, Cole Riley.


The best of me.

After eight days, my son was released from the hospital and is doing great. I was more grateful than words could explain to be back at home, cooking in my kitchen and doing our laundry and sleeping in an actual bet. And, thankfully, the writing continued, on my notes app, in my notebook, on this laptop.

By the end of the hospital stay, Can’t Get Enough had both a Twitter account and a blog. And its cover changed, and will likely change again. But this evening I had a thought…what if I whipped together a collection of my own short stories sort of as an appetizer…and also promo and pre-marketing for the book?

I’ve had this idea before, which I’m sure is well documented here in this very blog, but it hardly came to fruition. I sold…two copies I think?

But that was a good nine or ten years ago, and those stories were all unpublished, actually rejected stories to be honest, and most of them went on to be published eventually.

My point is that since then I’ve published more, been mentioned in more intros and reviews and well, I think I could do all right with a “Best of” collection. Couldn’t hurt to try, right?

Of course… I don’t know much about self publishing, but I’m more than willing to learn, and in the mean time, it would really mean a lot oh four or five of my faithful blog readers if you could mention here in the comments what story of mine you’ve read and liked. Please?

Otherwise, I’m scribbling away on a novel and just started a short story today so I’m happy for inspiration and productivity and hey…Alison Tyler here on this blog…tomorrow!