More Updates

First of all, a non-writing update:

My daughter had her follow up appointment with her new doctor yesterday and she was very excited at the news that Haven has been doing so well for past month or so. Tantrums have subsided considerably, she’s more calm, happier, thus everyone else in the family is calmer, happier.

Her new cocktail of medicine is working wonders for her, though admittedly, the thought of her having to take so many pills in a day was a lot to handle. But, once I saw the drastic improvement in her, I just knew that the end justified the means.

Now Haven is on a 6-9 months basis with going back to the doctor. I can call for medicine refills and such and make appointments as needed in between but I’m praying those “in betweens” won’t be necessary.

By the way, if you’re new to the blog: My daughter has autism and it has been a tremendous struggle for the past several years but over the past few months we’ve had major breakthroughs.

In writing news, the editor got back in touch and asked me for a “mini proposal” of my ideas. I have about two months to get it together since that’s when their next editors’ meeting comes around. I’ve already written a rough draft for one, but I’m wondering it it’s “mini” enough?

I guess the pressure is on to really bring something intriguing and convincing that says, “Yes, we want her to edit this!

We shall see. I’m over the top excited.