“I bring my…”

You might have heard me mention here and there the completely out of the blue conversations I have with people (more accurately, they with me) about sex. I don’t always talk about it, but I do often document it -letting them know I’m doing so of course. And I do it because I find that these random tidbits work great in my stories. Today was a great example.

I was talking to a friend about her no-strings relationship and she mentioned that it seems like the guy is getting more attached than she. The thing she said that really stood out?

“I bring my pussy to this relationship, not my heart.”

And yes, I wrote it down. Short story in progress.

The Woman and The Words

It should no longer surprise me that it surprises people that I write. Especially since on social media and even on this blog, my words tend to bend toward the more personal aspects of my life. But in thinking about it, as much as I’ve written, submitted and published, my writing is pretty personal, too.

On Twitter yesterday, a pretty new follower was genuinely surprised that I’m a published author. And not that I’m some Toni Morrison or Wally Lamb or even some literary one-hit wonder, but I have done some things. The comment, however, made me wonder, once again, if I have and if I am doing, enough to let the world know that I am, in fact, here.

Not to digress, but yesterday was a pretty awful day in terms of my family life, what with my autistic daughter and dealing with the school system and raising another special needs child and taking care of a home and a husband while writing and holding down a full-time job outside the home.

And, well, yes, that mingled with day to day life and marital issues weighed heavily on what I thought and put out there. What I haven’t been putting out there, apparently, is my writing.

The last contributor’s copy of an anthology featuring one of my stories (if I remember correctly) is Best Bondage Erotica 2011, and that, I believe was received November ’10. Now, since then, I’ve written several new stories, pitched a few anthologies, sold several stories, signed a few contracts and have big things on the horizon. But one wouldn’t know that, I suppose.

So yesterday afternoon, between fits of smoking, drinking, crying and watching my children and dog play in the back yard, I posted a series of pictures on Twitter, and I thought it might be interesting to do the same here, to sort of (re)introduce myself and show you (the world) who I am and what I do, all around. So, here goes:

…I take a lot of my pictures inside a vehicle. Nothing glamorous there.

Cooking is the other creative thing I do. It also destresses and relaxes me.

I obsess over my hair a lot. It’s naturally curly and I keep it short. It’s reddish brown now, though – see above.

This is my daughter drawing. She has Atypical Autism and she is brilliant.

I surprise my husband with things like this because…

…I’m a romantic and I’m in love.

This is my unkempt, imperfect backyard.

This is the hand I write with and the hand on which I wear my wedding ring.

This is where we sleep, fight and make love.

These are just a few of my favorite things.

I have a thing for shoes.

My hyper-active dog.

And, finally, what I do to remind myself that I am a writer.

Also, this is my Amazon Author page.