I Owe You

Things are still busier than ever over here, but I am slowly adapting to all the changes. It’s not my intent to let my blog/website fall to the wayide like this but I find that by the end of most nights I have neither the energy nor the attention span to tackle much on the ‘net.

And the writing??? Don’t even talk about it. I haven’t even started the piece I’m contracted to do by the first of April. Sure it’s only 750 words and will probably be easy to get done, but it just hasn’t been in me to get out any creative writing.

If this were a more personal blog, boy could I fill up some pages right about now, but alas…

At least I’ve been able to count on the news of upcoming anthologies featuring my stories to prove to myself that at some point in my life, I have written something. And maybe, just maybe one day I’ll write something again.

In “movie” news, I’ve been receiving headshots and resumes for the casting of Her Mama’s House. It’s been exciting, yet really weird flipping through them and thinking “That’s definitely Nell” or “that’s so not Nell.” Funny, no one seems to have submitted for the part of Millie.

Thanks so much for continuing to stop by… I owe you all a big, wonderfully juicy post one day soon…


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