So, I had this story published…

… and that always leads to good things, right? Reviews, a little money , other opportunities… right? Well, on my other blog, I told the story on how I unknowingly would up in this particular book (the editor got a hold of a story of mine and published it as a reprint and I found out at the last minute when he was scrambling around trying to get in touch with me so that I could sign the contract) but I digress. The contract got signed and sent back. The book was released last month. I received my contributor’s copies from the publisher last month. I was assured by the editor that he was working his way through the list of authors to send out checks. Ok… that’s fine. I wasn’t looking for a mill or anything.

However, it’s been a month+ and I’ve heard nothing. And it’s not a lot of money. Nothing that will in any way make or break me, but I’ve seen nothing, heard nothing and have received no response to an email that I really went back and forth on even sending when otherwise, this particular editor will email with even the slightest detail. It’s become a rather shady situation, and I’m not too comfortable with it.

This same editor has asked me to submit something for his next project and I was pretty excited about it, but now, well, he’s just established himself as someone I wouldn’t want to work with at all.

Professionalism is key, people.


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