So… The Dead Has Arisen

Well, it’s been nearly four years since I’ve posted here. Of course, my reason for stopping back then was that I had my own website… which, well, never really got off the ground. It never did look the way I wanted or expressed my point of view so after two or so years, I just let it go kaput. I went on to do some sporadic blogging over at MySpace… like it… good way to network, but still a bit, um, young for me as, oh yeah, folks, I’m on the other side of thirty now!!!

So, that brings me back here and boy, oh boy, has a lot happened in these four years. When last I posted I was just laid off from my job of three months, had just separated from my children’s father and was living in my mother’s house. Oh yeah, I wasn’t doing a lot of talking about my personal life either, but hey, things change, don’t they?

Anyhoo, I got another job – been at for three+ years, bought a house, got a divorce, got remarried – to someone else, not HIM again! and I’ve published lots more stories. See the back pages of my Myspace blog for infor on all that stuff – and I get more personal there, too.

But, I’m excited to be back. I happened to rediscover this blog on Google and spend a decent amount of time going through the archives and was thinking to myself, “Boy, was I witty on Blogger!”

So, maybe here is where I need to be.


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