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“Looking for some hot stuff, baby, this evening…”

Actually I’m looking for some hot stuff from this evening until July 8th. Remember several months ago when I put out the call for my very first anthology with Cleis Press, Can’t Get Enough? Well, I’m here to ask for two or three more smoking hot, gotta have and gotta have it now, erotic stories to round out the book.

If you have something in your treasure trove of stories, or if inspiration strikes you to whip something up that will pack a punch and really fit the theme of the anthology, please do send it my way. The original call for submissions is here.


Whoot, there it went!

So, I unofficially extended the deadline for my call for submissions for my Can’t Get Enough anthology for Cleis Press. The deadline was originally Friday, February 15th, but since I went on a mini vacay, and wouldn’t pick reading back up until this week, I let it ride throughout the weekend. And welp, no extra submissions.

And I’m cool with that because I have about 100 to wade through. I was hesitant on spitting that number out because I’m not sure if that’s good or lacking as far as submissions go, but I’m really impressed with what I received and I know my biggest problem will be eliminating. So, here goes!

Oh, and I got my fourth (and by far most favorite) tattoo over the weekend:


I love it and it’s really inspiring to me. Problem now is, I’m hungry for even more ink. Ah, well!

Subbing Season

Writing, subbing and reading submissions for my own call has taken up a good bit of my time, and left me neglectful of my blog. I do apologize. Being this busy, though, is apparently a good thing as I awakened to good submission news this morning, which I will reveal details about when I’m given the green light.

My submission stats for 2013 are currently two for two, and I have two pending. This also means that I need to write and sub even more so that I have more in the que.

I’m getting some great stories for Can’t Get Enough, but I really need to get my read and selection on so that I can come back before the deadline and let you all know what I’m still missing. And um, yeah, I need to write my own story for that one, too.

Also, on that note, I’ve recently found some submissions in my spam folder. I don’t know why they landed there, but it made me feel terrible that I had submissions a month old and hadn’t responded to the authors. It is my personal policy to always acknowledge receipt of submissions, so if you submit somethig to me and don’t hear back from me within 72 hours, please assume I haven’t received it and get in touch with me.

I made this mistake on the opposite end with an editor once. Assumed my story was received and it wasn’t and almost missed out on a publishing opportunity. Actually, this has happened twice. Both times, though, I learned of the mistake just in time.

But, I digress, and I’m tired just thinking about it all, and trying to get over illness, and taking care of two sick kiddies, who the hell has time to be tired?

Sick and…

…well, you know the rest.

Who knew that a sore throat could last more than a week, even with medication?  So, I hesitate to say that life has gotten in the way, but it happens.  It’s well… life.

I am continuing to write through it all, having progressed one story to the final editiing stage and steadily adding to the word count of another.  The deadline for both is the end of January, beginning of February.  I am also staring down the deadline of my own anthology (Can’t Get Enough for Cleis Press), for which I’ve received a good many submissions, and am happily accepting more until February 15th (see below or my call at Erotica Readers and Writers Association).  I need to write my own story for that as well.

I’m also dealing with life issues, bumps in the road with my daughter, her situation and the school system, but nothing I’m not used to and certainly nothing I can’t handle.

Whatever, whoever, whenever, bring it on.

New Year, new…


Yeah, I don’t buy into all that, though I do like the idea of fresh starts, be they at the beginning of a new year, or the dawn of a new day.  Needless to say, I haven’t resolved to do or not do anything in 2013.  I’m just happy to still be alive and kicking, and still have the ability and opportunity to write and publish.

I didn’t do a 2012 wrap-up post, but it was my first year publishing with the new-ish imprint Mischief Books.  I also signed my very first contract to edit an anthology, Can’t Get Enough, with Cleis Press, which I hope will lead to other opportunities editing wise.

There were some exciting releases, like my stories in Zane’s Z-Rated and Kathleen Warnock and Jewelle Gomez’s Best Lesbian Erotica 2013.

I’ve been more diligent in my writing, actually finishing and submitting things on a regular basis.  I’m still waiting to hear back on some things, but I’m confident that 2013 will be a great year in publishing (fingers crossed).

I am actively working on being more organized, though, hence the picture above where I’ve put most of my contributor’s copies in a box since they were spread all over the house and I have twins who can read well now.  Otherwise, I want to continue doing what I’m doing, just more often and of course, better.

I’ve Come A’ Callin’ – for Submissions!

So, here we are, guys and ta-da!  I’ve been sitting on this news for a bit, and I have to say I was so good at acting like nothing at all was happening.  But here we are and I’m much too excited to clutter up this blog post with extra words, so, here is MY VERY FIRST –

Call for Submissions:

Can’t Get Enough

Editor: Tenille Brown

Publisher: Cleis Press

Deadline: February 15, 2013 (earlier submissions preferred and encouraged)

Word Count: 1,500-3,000

Payment: $50 and 2 copies of the anthology upon publication

Publication Date: TBA

Tenille Brown is currently seeking submissions for her upcoming anthology, tentatively titled Can’t Get Enough.

Have you ever been so hot for your lover that you decided not to go to the dinner you were invited to?  Or maybe you got so turned on watching her work the room at a party you had to duck into a coat closet during cocktails.  Remember the time you called in sick to work because you simply couldn’t put down your vibrator?

Can’t Get Enough will contain just these types of stories.  An anthology filled with tales of insatiable desire, authors will bring forth stories brimming with sex, kinks and fetishes that you simply can’t get enough of,  Sex you want so much that you can’t make it home without having to swing by a shady motel or pull off into a vacant lot.

What I’m looking for:

I want well-written, collar clutching stories that embody and drive home the theme “can’t get enough.”  I want stories that are smart, sassy, sexy, risqué and downright kinky.  In this anthology I want to see it all, a variety of ages, cultures, pairings and voices.  I am open to submissions from people of all genders.

Send me stories that are jaw dropping and written outside of the box.  Give me characters who are soft and passionate, but don’t leave out those who are rough and dark.  Above all, give me well-drawn characters who want it so bad and so much that they’ve got to have it in different places, in different positions and at every turn.

Whether your character ambushes her husband at the office, or he explores the clubs looking for a piece of strange, show me that they need it, have to have it, and can’t get enough.

The standard rules apply: no incest, rape, underage characters or bestiality.

Original stories are preferred, but I may consider reprints.  No simultaneous submissions.

Please make sure submissions include your name (legal and pen), mailing address, phone number and email address in the top left corner of the page.  Send it as a Word attachment to enoughantho@gmail.com with Can’t Get Enough (Story Title) in the subject line.  Include a 50-word bio with your submission.  You will receive an email acknowledgement of receipt within 72 hours.


Please fully read and follow the submission guidelines.  Make sure your submission is formatted properly using double spaces and Times New Roman or Georgia, 12 pt. font.  Don’t put any extra spaces between paragraphs and make sure each paragraph is indented.  Use quotation marks in dialogue.

When emailing your submission, please include the title of your story in the subject line. Ex. Can’t Get Enough Submission (Twinkle Toes) .

Make sure you meet the minimum word count (1,500) and don’t exceed the maximum word count (3,000).  You may send up to (2) stories to be considered.

About the Editor:

Tenille Brown’s smut is featured in nearly fifty print anthologies including Chocolate Flava 1 and 3, Got A Minute?, A is for Amour, Curvy Girls, Going Down, Best Bondage Erotica 2011 and 2012, Sapphic Planet, Suite Encounters, Open, and the forthcoming Best Lesbian Erotica 2013.  She also writes for Mischief Books, having been included in the collections Across My Knee, Too Fast For Love, Take Me, and Cougar.