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“Stop talking, before you make it go away.”

Silence is golden. At least mine is. See, when I’m not doing a lot of communicating – be it talking, texting, tweeting, whatevs…then I’m doing something else. I’m being productive. I’m writing.

That’s not always the case. Sometimes I’m quiet because I’m simply tired of complaining about not being able to write, not being able to finish this or that, but for right now, baby, I’m burning up the keyboard.

I’ve got about five or so stories in the pending file. I’ve had one rejected over the last couple of weeks. I’ve finished one and started three more, and the momentum doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere (knock on wood).

I’m excited about some new releases, one of which you can read about below and I was just pointed to an amazing review of Smut Alfresco which includes my outdoor spanking story, Patches. You can read that review here.


Otherwise, I’m waiting on news of relocating, be it slightly south or nearly a thousand miles west. I’m wander lusting and traveling extremely light and feeling pretty damned good about it all. And that feeling for me, is like an endangered species so I’ll be, as I always am, waiting on the other shoe to drop.


Smut by the Sea Volume 2 is here!

I just got word over the weekend that the anthology, Smut by the Sea Volume Volume 2 edited by Lucy Felthouse and Victoria Blisse is now out. It includes my story, Shrimping Season about a couple in love with the season and in love with each other, despite a little business inspired rift.

All the buy links are here at Sexy Reads and here is the blurb:

Light hearted, sexy fun by the sea is the theme of this erotic anthology, edited by Victoria Blisse and Lucy Felthouse.

From the sun soaked bays of Australia to the rainy coastal towns of England, Smut by the Sea has it all. Whatever your interpretation of naughty seaside fun, there’s something nestling between the covers for you. Surfer boys, sea creatures, pirates and the fairground abound in this exciting collection of stories from erotica’s finest authors.

Smut by the Sea: Volume 2 contains tales from Victoria Blisse, Bel Anderson, Tilly Hunter, Cass Peterson, Rachel Randall, Delyth Angharad, Giselle Renarde, T. C. Mill, Tamsin Flowers, Erzabet Bishop, Lucy Felthouse, Tenille Brown, Kate Britton, Annabeth Leong and Jillian Boyd.

I do hope you’ll check it out and spread the word.

It’s really motivating to have a new release to promote during the precise time when I feel like I’ll never be able to write another word. Here’s to some brand new inspiration!

Beginning Again


I am participating in the Blisse Bunny Hop and we’re talking about New Beginnings, or in my case, starting over. My story, Matters of the Heart featured in Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Only You: Erotic Romance for Women is about a couple who has broken up and run into each other again. I love a fresh start and hopefully you will like starting over with these two.


To anyone lingering in the parking lot, they might have looked exactly like the romantic couple they used to be, holding hands and smiling, but they both knew better.

They stopped at Clarence’s car, Charlene leaning against it, Clarence standing in front of her.
“Well,” Charlene started, and then she stopped.

She looked down at what she held in her hands. There was the matter of the heart to deal with, the red velvet cake with thick chocolate icing that she held against her middle.

Charlene extended the white box toward Clarence.

“Here, you can it have it,” she said. “I don’t need it.”

“Sure you do. Everybody needs a heart.” he said.

“Split it?” Charlene smiled.


Charlene opened the box. Hesitant, but bold, she swiped her finger across the thick icing. She slid some into her own mouth first, then went in again and offered some to Clarence next.

He accepted it, his eyes holding hers steady.

His mouth was moist and hot around her fingers. He may as well had been touching Charlene the way the bumps rose on her skin and her nipples hardened as if a soft wind had come through.

Clarence sucked gently on her finger for much longer than it took to taste the icing and Charlene’s body was so aware of him now that she rose on her toes and her eyes fluttered closed with the sensation.

“Sweet,” Clarence said, his voice deep.

“Yes, sweet,” Charlene said, though she didn’t know whether Clarence was referring to the icing or her.

“Tonight was pretty nice.” Clarence rocked back and forth on his heels.

“It was,” Charlene nodded.

“Romantic,” he said.


And this was the point at which she could have chosen to walk away, get into her car and drive off, but more than that, more than anything, Charlene wanted to do something else.

So, if tonight were the last time she ever saw him again, she wouldn’t remember the silver heart breaking, she would remember this…

Softly at first, Charlene’s lips merely rested upon his, as if by accident. And she stepped in close to him, so that the fabric in their shirts rubbed against each other.

Afraid to part her lips further, and invite Clarence inside her mouth, Charlene remained that way, afraid he wouldn’t enter, or if he did, afraid he wouldn’t linger.

Clarence removed the conflict of decision from her, and gently pried her lips open with the bittersweet wetness of his tongue.

Laced with sweetness and scotch, his tongue was tart. It was strong and sure like he was, and it moved in and around her mouth.

Pulling away, Charlene breathed in deep. And there it was, the love she had temporarily tucked away. It floated up and out, lingered in the atmosphere only briefly before engulfing her in a misty cloud of rain.

Clarence removed the box from her hands and placed it on the hood of his truck. He gripped both her wrists in one of his hands and raised her arms above her head. He leaned Charlene back against the front of the truck so that her back arched naturally at the center.

Charlene lifted her legs and wrapped them tightly around his hips. His crotch was precisely placed against hers beneath her denim skirt. She felt the head of his enlarged cock rubbing against the fabric of her panties.

She reached down to unzip his pants, but Clarence pulled her hand away.

He was punishing her and she knew it, giving her what she deserved for saying whatever foolish things she had said. Clarence was punishing Charlene so thoroughly and sweetly that tears sprung to her eyes and she bit down on her bottom lip in sweet agony.

Through the fabric of his pants and her panties, Clarence rubbed his cock against her cunt. Charlene’s panties were saturated and they clung to the warm square between her legs.

She wanted to beg for release from this torture, she wanted to beg Clarence to give her more, but she knew that if she had him inside her now, she would surely explode, and for that, she wasn’t ready.

“I miss you,” Clarence growled into her neck.

The words brought her even closer to the edge.

“You left me,” Charlene responded in gasps.

“You made me,” Clarence insisted as he rubbed his cock against her with more force, more urgency.

Charlene didn’t continue the debate.

She just said, “Come back. Clarence, come back.”

How to play:
You can win a £50 Sh! voucher (international), £50 worth of Xcite Books (UK only) and a bundle of eight books from the eight Brit Babes.

All you need to do is visit all the blogs listed at Blissebunnies.co.uk and add up all the Bunnies you see.

When you’ve been to all the blogs and added up all the bunnies you need to email victoria @ victoriablisse. co. uk (no spaces) with the total number of bunnies you’ve found, your name and your country of residence (UK, USA etc) Then check back at Blisse Bunnies on the the 8th April to see if you’ve won one of these fab prizes!

Thank you all for joining in!

In The Meantime…

I’m a busy little bee finishing up the manuscript for my very first anthology (squee!) Can’t Get Enough. It’s been a long road, and while I’m glad to see the end in sight, I’m having what I suppose are very normal, mixed emotions about wrapping it up and letting it go, but that’s another post for another day.

While I’ve been away from this blog, I have been featured on others, like Nicole Gestalt’s, where I guest blogged about my story Patches in the Smut Alfresco anthology, and Annabeth Leong’s where she reviewed my story I’d Rather Go Blind which is featured in the Sudden Sex antholgy edited by Alison Tyler. Ms. Leong did an awesome job, by the way.

So, there’s that, and well, finishing this book! 😉

Lookie, lookie at this new cookie!

Well, it’s obviously not a cookie, but it’s a brand spanking new, hot off the press erotic anthology edited by the dynamic duo Victoria Blisse and Lucy Felthouse, Smut Alfresco. It includes my pumpkin patch story, Patches, and is available, so for, at All Romance eBooks. Also inside you’ll find awesome authors like Kay Jaybee, Jacqueline Brocker and the dynamic duo themselves.

I’m so excited. I’ve also got another story prepping for release in the upcoming Smutters anthology, Smut for Chocoholics edited by Ms. Blisse’s hubby, Kevin Mitnik. My story is called Kisses but more to come on that later.


I'm happily busy, reading and selecting stories for Can’t Get Enough and trying to muster up the inspiration to cook up some more creative writing of my own. Normally, the sexy, stormy weather would help, but instead it’s left me with a really, achy body, so there’s that to deal with.

Kiss Me

I’m delighted to be a part of Smutters’ Blisse Kiss Chase Valentine’s Day promotion. If you haven’t heard/seen the details, various authors will be posting Kiss Blog’s including kissing excerpts. Included in these posts will be our personalized Smoocher with a number and a clue and oh, mine’s below!

And since we’re on the subject of kissing… Call me a hopeless romantic, but the kiss is always my favorite part, in writing and in life. I’ve written the most erotic of stories that were based on, inspired by and built around a kiss. One of my first published stories, Dressing Desire, includes two female characters, one engaged, the other her seamstress, whose desire for each other climaxed (tee hee) in their kiss. The excerpt (drumroll, please):

“Would it be terrible if I kissed you?” She asked.
“You’re getting married, Ivy. Today is your wedding day.”
She placed a slender finger against my lips. “All that aside. Would it be terrible if I kissed you?”
Still silenced by her finger, I shook my head, unable to find my voice even if I was free to speak.
Her lips dropped onto mine. I closed my eyes as she parted my lips with her fingers and tongue. Her tongue tasted and moved like molasses, exploring my own tongue, my teeth, the roof and sides of my mouth.
I reached up and gently pulled at the soft, dark ringlets that escaped her veil and rested on her cheeks. My own hair touched her neck and draped over her shoulders. Our tangled hair lay upon us, a dark mane like blanket over our shoulders.
The dress surrounded us, a white satin pool around our knees. Her fingers searched my throat, massaged my shoulders, trailed my back as she gently sucked my tongue and rubbed her breasts against mine.
I held her waist, pressed gently at her sides with my thumbs. My fingers pulled at the band of her panties, her heat searing my fingers.
She reached for my hand and held it in her own guiding me away from her panties. She pressed two final ruby kisses onto my lips.
“I shouldn’t keep the driver waiting.”
I found my voice again. “Yes, the driver.”
I pulled the gown up, buttoned each button and straightened the bodice. “There. You’re all set.”

I hope you enjoyed it and please check into The Bliss Kiss Chase Blog for details on where to find your next clue!


2013 Begins with a Bang! Bang!


I’m very pleased to announce that I got word yesterday that my recently finished short story, Patches, has been accepted for publication in the upcoming anthology Smut Alfresco, edited by the dynamic duo, Victoria Blisse and Lucy Felthouse.  It was six-thirty-ish in the morning (my side of the world) when I got the email and I leapt off the bed just reading the words.

Now, I haven’t deemed 2013 as the year of “fill in the blank,” but the fact that I’ve tapped into new waters gives me inspiration to continue trying new and differnt venues.  I’ve never submitted to Smutters before, never wrote about pumpkin patches before, and look!

So, there we are, folks, my first woop-woop of 2013! Yay!