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“Does anybody know George Duke?”

When my co-worker asked this question yesterday afternoon, I wanted to slap him with the Snapshot CD I keep in the door of my car…for George Duke emergencies. I had already heard the news by then and had already had my personal moment of silence for this musical great, but he was just catching up during his internet browsing session.

Yes, I know George Duke, but no, I didn’t always. I was introduced to his talents when an ex told me that he heard a song on the radio that reminded him of me. This was the nineties (yes, I’m old).

“It was on a jazz station,” he said. “The guy’s name is George Duke. The song was ‘No Rhyme, No Reason.'”

Curiosity, of course, got the best of me and I went to my local CD shop (how I miss having one of those that actually sells authentic CDs and stays open later than six o’clock but I digress). I searched the jazz section until I found it. I tore the disc open as soon as I got in the car and listened to the track.

And there I was, in love at first listen.

It so happened that a few years later I was lucky enough to score tickets to one of his concerts. Rachelle Farell and Al Jareau were there, too. I was two weeks out of a major surgery, but damn it, I threw on heels and a psychedelic summer dress and walked with three of my friends across hilly grass so that we could take our place on the ground with a blanket and it was awesome.

At the end of his set he asked for a request from the crowd. I think I was one of the loudest out there shouting “No Rhyme, No Reason…No Rhyme, No Reason.” And he sang it. And we all sang along.

I have other Duke favorites, and there have been many moments when my younger husband’s friends will be over and I have to school them on real music and I’ll pull out one of his discs and play it.

It happened not more than a week ago, actually. Yes, he was sick, but it does hurt that he’s gone. Any music lover can relate and probably would agree…we really have lost a good one.


Something for Something

I’ve never featured a whore in any of my fiction.  Well, I did once, a long time ago, in something I never finished and of course never published.  That was when I first started playing around with the erotic genre and wasn’t really sure what it was all about.

I’ve been listening to Frank Ocean’s Pyramids over and over since I got the CD in the mail.  It’s by far my favorite, thought I must admit, since I got stuck on that one, I haven’t given the others much chance.  It made me think about one of the stories I’m working on, which happened to be about something quite far from a whore/john or even stripper/customer relationship, but it gave me the idea to play on that as something new and different to do in my writing.

As someone who has been writing in the erotic genre for more than a decade, wearing out my welcome is something I often worry about.  I want to keep satisfying and surprising my reader.  I want to keep them on their toes and I want to keep them coming back for more.  I don’t want them to open the book, read the table of contents and know that they’re going to get the same old thing from Tenille, hell no.

So, not to give anything away, but on this longer piece that I’m workong on that I really hope will make it to publication, I’m playing with somehting different and it was inspired by this song.  Actually, I’m really close to turning in a short-short piece that was inspired by an Etta James song, too.  Well, at least inspired by the title of it.

So, here’s listening, and writing, and hoping.