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Can’t Get Enough Gets Sudden Sales Boost; Erotica Revealed Review to Blame.

That was my attempt at being witty. A mock headline and all. Honestly, though, what did we do before the internet? How did books get promoted? Did writers go door to door like insurance and Encyclopedia salesmen? Did they depend on store displays alone?

I wonder all these things because I somehow managed to write my stories and get them published before I even had personal access to the internet, or even my own computer. Those were the days of yore, when you could do that type stuff at work and get away with it, because you were more computer literate than your boss, and the minimize button was all the rage.

As time passed on, however, and I began to see writing and selling these stories as more of a permanent thing and not just one of my pick up and drop projects, I realized I needed my own equipment, which happened in due time. Even then, though, I don’t think I had internet access yet. We’re talking the age of the 3.5″ floppy disk here.

All that being said, I got myself completely together and since I had grown comfortable publishing my work in other people’s collection, promotion wasn’t high on my list of priorities. Then Can’t Get Enough happened, and promotion was all of a sudden everything. How many times have I used the phrase “make or break” in the last year?

At the beginning stages of the project I was still living in my rural southern hometown where there was one Walmart, two grocery stores and one book store which eventually closed down. There was one library in which you couldn’t even whisper the word erotica, and that was it.

Luckily, nearly a year before Can’t Get Enough was released, the Universe made it so that my family and I relocated to another state and on the outskirts of a major city. I was booked for signings, I did a blog tour, a reading, I connected with local writers and artists.

But that only lasted so long. After the blog tour, after the readings and the signings, how do you keep the momentum going, I wondered. How do you keep people interested in your book without cramming it down their throats every other day through tweets and otherwise?

Well, thankfully, that’s where reviews come in. I’m happy to be holding steady at five stars over at Amazon, but I get particularly happy when people take the tie to review the book on their blog and when Erotica Revealed gives such and amazing and detailed review, well hell, how can the book not sell?

Here is just a snippet:

Given the title, I expected Ms. Brown’s story to be the last in the collection. However, that place belongs to Annabeth Leong’s incredibly perverse “Objects of Desire.” Once again, Ms. Leong articulates sexual complexities that few other authors would even recognize. This tale of shame, need and kitchen utensils is one of the kinkiest – and most insightful – things I’ve read in months. It made me squirm, which I have to believe was the author’s intention.

Please, by all means, read the complete review here. And if you were one of the wonderful ones who have purchased and read the book, please do take a few minutes and tell us what you think about it, be it on your blog, on Facebook or on bookseller’s websites.

I thank you in advance.


I’m In Love With A Cover


Last week, I got wind of the awesome news that my very first edited anthology (there’s a phrase you might as well get used to hearing), Cant’ Get Enough is now available for pre-order on Amazon. I don’t know how I wasn’t out there searching (read stalking) myself, but I guess I figured with a Summer 2014 release date, it would be too early. But no, honey, here it is.

And you, of course, have feasted your eyes on the lusciousness above that is the cover for the anthology. I may be just a tad biased, but I think that Cleis hit it out of the park with this one. The thinly veiled nakedness of bodies behind a shower curtain, the steam from the heat, the sense of urgency of a couple getting it on during shower time. I think it so adequately speaks to the theme of this anthology and does wonderfully in hitting home the point I was trying to make with this collection. On its Amazon page is also a blurb, but here it is for your convenience and such:

Veteran erotica author and first-time editor Tenille Brown has collected stories for Can’t Get Enough that highlight the essence of insatiable desire. With contributions from familiar names like Rachel Kramer Bussel, Jacqueline Applebee, and Giselle Renarde, along with newer voices like Monica Corwin and Beatrix Ellroy, this is a book full of diverse and dynamic characters who are bold and daring and even some who are surprisingly subtle. The authors here knock the Can’t Get Enough theme right out of the park with stories that will leave readers as breathless as the characters they’re reading about, dying for more.

Keep checking back here as I will soon be posting the introduction from the book and the sizzling table of contents.

“Oh No She Didn’t!” A Guest Post by Giselle Renarde


Oh no I didn’t? Oh yes I did! I wrote Adam and Sheree’s Family Vacation: a book so vile, so filthy, so taboo that it was banned by Amazon and many other retailers.

You’d think I’d have learned my lesson. Amazon is the world’s biggest seller of ebooks, right? If they won’t carry it, isn’t that like throwing months of hard work down the drain? Wouldn’t you think a clever, business-conscious writer would pack it in and write something a little tamer?

Well, I guess I’m an idiot because… I wrote another one.

The sequel to Adam and Sheree’s Family Vacation is called Adam and Sheree’s Family Business, and it’s every bit as sordid as the first. No, it’s more sordid. Not only does the sequel feature shockingly explicit sex between a brother and sister, it includes all the dirty details of how Sheree drags her brother Adam (and all three of his college housemates!) into her fledgling porn business.

So why on earth would I write a book that’s 100% guaranteed to get banned by Amazon? Their rules are clear: they don’t allow erotic content that includes sex between blood relatives. Same goes for ebook retailers like All Romance and BookStrand. Even if I am lucky enough to work with a publisher that welcomes taboo content, am I stupid or what? I’ve now written two novellas readers’ go-to online bookshop refuses to carry.

Yeah, I’d say I’m pretty stupid.

But there’s something about censorship that gets my goat. Maybe I didn’t rebel enough as a teenager, I don’t know, but when I hear there’s something the Amazonian Amazon WILL NOT ALLOW… well, I can’t help but wonder why. Why can’t I write an erotic story about a sexual relationship between two consenting adults?

Well, there’s an easy answer: because they’re siblings. And that’s just not permissible.

Remember when Flowers in the Attic came out and everyone in your class at school read it before the parental units found out why the kids always had their faces shoved in a book? Is Amazon now the scolding parent we writers are looking out for over our shoulders while we work?

And, speaking of Flowers in the Attic, why is Amazon totally cool about carrying a popular incest book by a bestselling author, but they won’t carry books by low-grossing writers like me (and maybe you, if you’re an author too)? Who gets to dictate what constitutes literary merit? Why does explicit fiction get so brutally castigated? Can’t a book be smutty and thought-provoking?

These are the questions I ask myself while cutting coupons and praying my rent cheque doesn’t bounce.

Sibling incest is an uncomfortable topic, but that’s why so many readers find it titillating. The more Big Daddy Amazon says YOU CAN’T READ THAT, the more we want to. Same goes for writers. Tell us we can’t explore a topic, and going to write the holy hell out of it.

Adam and Sheree’s Family Vacation, as well as its brand new sequel Adam and Sheree’s Family Business, may not be available from Amazon, but you CAN purchase them at eXcessica’s EDEN website and Barnes & Noble.

Read the Blurb/Excerpt or Purchase Adam and Sheree’s Family Vacation from EDEN:
Read the Blurb/Excerpt or Purchase Adam and Sheree’s Family Vacation from Barnes & Noble:

Read the Blurb/Excerpt or Purchase Adam and Sheree’s Family Business from EDEN:
Read the Blurb/Excerpt or Purchase Adam and Sheree’s Family Business from Barnes & Noble:

Giselle Renarde is a queer Canadian, avid volunteer, and contributor to more than 100 short story anthologies, including Best Women’s Erotica, Best Lesbian Erotica, Best Bondage Erotica, and Best Lesbian Romance. Ms Renarde has written dozens of juicy books, including Anonymous, Ondine, and Nanny State. Her book The Red Satin Collection won Best Transgender Romance in the 2012 Rainbow Awards. Giselle lives across from a park with two bilingual cats who sleep on her head.

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I Read, Enjoyed and Reviewed Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Cheeky


I’m a visual person so first of all, Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Cheeky Spanking Stories appealed to me aesthetically. As I dug into the book and devoured story after story, however I found that the vast range of themes and characters came together to give the reader something that appealed to other senses like the obvious – touch, or in these cases, sound smacks- and of course, sound.
With such a straight forward theme like spanking, it’s important to add in other elements to round out a collection like which is why it was refreshing for me to see acts of domination as in Lucy Felthouse’s A Perfect Dom where a pair of hot pants give an unintentional invitation. I’m never mad when the lady has the upper hand like in Birthday Boy by Cecilia Duvalle where a woman goes all out to give her husband of twenty years a birthday spanking.

In fact there are several instances in this collection where the woman takes the lead, even when it’s another woman that she’s leading, as in Theresa Noelle Robert’s Mermaid, the mind blowing girl on girl tale of seaside fun and frolic. Giselle Renarde’s bored female lead finds herself touched –in more ways than one- by a stranger in Butch Girls Don’t Cry.

Even the spanking as punishment element gets a new spin in Craig J. Sorenson’s Unwrapping and Thomas S. Roche’s Papers to Grade.

And in one final treat the editor herself book ended the collection with a, well,
remarkable story called Marks. In it a couple visits to a nudist hotel which prompts one woman’s insecurities about wearing the bright red remains of her partner’s spanking. I was naturally drawn to this story of intrigue where it prompted me to think of lipstick on a collar, where you see it, and wonder just when and how it got there.

Whether you’re a giver a receiver, or like me, a voyeur, you’re bound to find
several gems in Cheeky to leave you poised, panting and ready for a lick or two.

I posted this review on Amazon and gave it a well deserved five stars.

Smut by the Sea Volume 2 is here!

I just got word over the weekend that the anthology, Smut by the Sea Volume Volume 2 edited by Lucy Felthouse and Victoria Blisse is now out. It includes my story, Shrimping Season about a couple in love with the season and in love with each other, despite a little business inspired rift.

All the buy links are here at Sexy Reads and here is the blurb:

Light hearted, sexy fun by the sea is the theme of this erotic anthology, edited by Victoria Blisse and Lucy Felthouse.

From the sun soaked bays of Australia to the rainy coastal towns of England, Smut by the Sea has it all. Whatever your interpretation of naughty seaside fun, there’s something nestling between the covers for you. Surfer boys, sea creatures, pirates and the fairground abound in this exciting collection of stories from erotica’s finest authors.

Smut by the Sea: Volume 2 contains tales from Victoria Blisse, Bel Anderson, Tilly Hunter, Cass Peterson, Rachel Randall, Delyth Angharad, Giselle Renarde, T. C. Mill, Tamsin Flowers, Erzabet Bishop, Lucy Felthouse, Tenille Brown, Kate Britton, Annabeth Leong and Jillian Boyd.

I do hope you’ll check it out and spread the word.

It’s really motivating to have a new release to promote during the precise time when I feel like I’ll never be able to write another word. Here’s to some brand new inspiration!