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2013 so far has been a time of transition.  It’s not often that I talk about my day job and that’s because I don’t really like to think about it all that much.  And I hope to one day, and one day soon, be able to let it go and go at writing/editing full time.  There have been changes on the 9-5 and lots of things are up in the air, and I don’t like how anxious that makes me feel.

I don’t often feel in over my head, and I don’t necessarily feel that way now, but I’m also going through a trying time with my daughter, her autism and her school.  At the moment, and I do life moment to moment, I have to, things are, well… okay.

I’m also working on the transition, or rather the balance between writer and editor, seeing things through different eyes and remembering the difference between the two.  It’s been interesting. I’m receiving lots of submissions to my Can’t Get Enough call for Cleis, more than I ever thought I would, and with a whole month still to go.  Bring it on, babes.

I’m also concentrating on being a more consistent writer, even when I’m not submitting.  I’m getting into the habit of writing something everyday, even if it’s for no one but me.

Productivity, you see?