For me, the only thing goals are good for is ensuring that I fail. And I don’t mean that in a superstitious, jinx-y way, I mean that in a “I put too much pressure on myself and I cave” kind of way. That’s why I didn’t set any hard goals for myself on this get fit by walking and achieve writing goals by writing every day other than posting my daily selfies on Instagram and (sometimes) logging my daily word count.

And the easy answer is, sometimes I don’t make it. Like on Saturday, when I was recovering from a hangover most of the day, then spent the rest of the evening with the wonderful ladies of literature Sheree L. Greer and Fiona Zedde. I didn’t walk and didn’t write all yesterday.

I did however, log in a whopping three and a half miles this morning at a beautiful park I discovered when my regular one was still locked.

As for the writing, I’ve yet to log any real word count for the day. I played around a little with some scene ideas in my Notes App. 

I will say, I am so damn inspired by listening to Sheree and Fiona read from their new work last night. They were so eloquent and lively and I loved their question and answer session they had with each other.

So, there are still plenty of hours left to this day. Hopefully some writing will get done.

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