An Idle Mind

Of course, I immediately question that title because my mind is never idle. It’s always going, going (gone). But you may have noticed that lately I’ve had something to do almost daily, pointing you here, pointing you there, here a link, there a link, everywhere a link, link.

But, since there appears to he a small break in the blog tour, I have nothing new to pimp. And that’s actually fine because the reviews, interviews and giveaways have all been great. And the  awesome thing about the internet is that the stuff is going to be there basically forever so you can always go back and revisit.

Myself, though, I’m fretting about some things. I’m tapping my foot at an unheard of tempo as I write this.

And for whatever reason, it always gets my creative juices flowing. So, I’m working on something new. I don’t want to call it anything in particular yet, but I do know that these characters are more complex than I planned and need them to be.

But I like the story. The words are coming easy and it’s making me smile. And I need to smile.

I also received review copies of the first two books in Alison Tyler’s latest series and that makes me happy. I’ll dig into those when the sun goes down. 😉

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