Can’t Get Enough

Quixotic Orchid

Can’t Get Enough: Erotica for Women is an erotic anthology filled with fast-paced, intense quickie style stories that go one right after another in such a variety of styles they’ll keep you on your toes (or your knees) for the rest of the summer. It’s all a reader can do to breathlessly keep up. Once you start reading this book, you really Can’t Get Enough. (I read it twice!)

Can't Get Enough

After reading Tenille Brown and Cleis Press’s celebration of pleasurable, smoldering sex that can be performed by anyone anywhere, I got the chance to interview the amazing first time editor. (Ain’t I just the luckiest girl ever?)

1. What was the first erotic piece you ever read and how did you respond to it?

When I was younger, I was given a copy of “Erotique Noire” edited by Miriam Decosta-Willis and Reginald Martin. The cover was certainly provocative, as was the…

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