“Open” is a recommended read in Hot Spots Magazine!

In all the Can’t Get Enough frenzy, excitement and promo, how could I have all but forgotten about the little book that could,


(If you click on that huge image, it will take you directly to the Amazon buy page (it’s only $3.49!)

Apparently, Hot Spots Magazine hasn’t forgotten, and in fact, they listed it in their Mini-Guide to Satisfying Summer Reads.

That was some awesome news to wake up to. I wrote the intro to this hot little book from Pretty Things Press, and my contribution to the collection is Running Hot. And yes, it’s all right there in the title ;). It was also an honor to be along side Alison Tyler, Sommer Marsden, Sophia Valenti, and Saskia Walker.

Also, Miss Violet Blue put Can’t Get Enough on her Kink Your Kindle list which is fabulous!

The Can’t Get Enough Blog Tour picks right back up tomorrow, where I’ll be interviewed at Quixotic Orchid. Be sure to stop by, and don’t worry, I’ll remind you again tomorrow :).


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