The best of me.

After eight days, my son was released from the hospital and is doing great. I was more grateful than words could explain to be back at home, cooking in my kitchen and doing our laundry and sleeping in an actual bet. And, thankfully, the writing continued, on my notes app, in my notebook, on this laptop.

By the end of the hospital stay, Can’t Get Enough had both a Twitter account and a blog. And its cover changed, and will likely change again. But this evening I had a thought…what if I whipped together a collection of my own short stories sort of as an appetizer…and also promo and pre-marketing for the book?

I’ve had this idea before, which I’m sure is well documented here in this very blog, but it hardly came to fruition. I sold…two copies I think?

But that was a good nine or ten years ago, and those stories were all unpublished, actually rejected stories to be honest, and most of them went on to be published eventually.

My point is that since then I’ve published more, been mentioned in more intros and reviews and well, I think I could do all right with a “Best of” collection. Couldn’t hurt to try, right?

Of course… I don’t know much about self publishing, but I’m more than willing to learn, and in the mean time, it would really mean a lot oh four or five of my faithful blog readers if you could mention here in the comments what story of mine you’ve read and liked. Please?

Otherwise, I’m scribbling away on a novel and just started a short story today so I’m happy for inspiration and productivity and hey…Alison Tyler here on this blog…tomorrow!

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