Is it true?

So, here I stand in my first role as editor. The book is turned in, the table of contents is finalized. I’m awaiting copy edits and getting things together for marketing.

And, I’m doing things I never thought I would…like asking a major author and personal idol of mine for an unbelievable and almost unthinkable favor. If this happened…if the universe would throw me just this one bone…I can’t even think about it, I’m so nervous.

But it leaves me wondering, is this where the path has taken me? Has it put me in the position where I can actually sit down and type and even send out an email like that and even feel hopeful that I’ll get a response?

I sure hope so, because I remember wanting to be a writer, wanting to be published, wanting to be published by X, wanting to be edited by X, wanting to edit my own collection after X amount of time and those things actually happened. I had a wish list. I have wish lists. And somehow, slowly over time, I’m ticking those things off my list and can’t believe where one story written on the fly over ten years ago has led me.


Life is good.


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