I Read, Enjoyed and Reviewed Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Cheeky


I’m a visual person so first of all, Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Cheeky Spanking Stories appealed to me aesthetically. As I dug into the book and devoured story after story, however I found that the vast range of themes and characters came together to give the reader something that appealed to other senses like the obvious – touch, or in these cases, sound smacks- and of course, sound.
With such a straight forward theme like spanking, it’s important to add in other elements to round out a collection like which is why it was refreshing for me to see acts of domination as in Lucy Felthouse’s A Perfect Dom where a pair of hot pants give an unintentional invitation. I’m never mad when the lady has the upper hand like in Birthday Boy by Cecilia Duvalle where a woman goes all out to give her husband of twenty years a birthday spanking.

In fact there are several instances in this collection where the woman takes the lead, even when it’s another woman that she’s leading, as in Theresa Noelle Robert’s Mermaid, the mind blowing girl on girl tale of seaside fun and frolic. Giselle Renarde’s bored female lead finds herself touched –in more ways than one- by a stranger in Butch Girls Don’t Cry.

Even the spanking as punishment element gets a new spin in Craig J. Sorenson’s Unwrapping and Thomas S. Roche’s Papers to Grade.

And in one final treat the editor herself book ended the collection with a, well,
remarkable story called Marks. In it a couple visits to a nudist hotel which prompts one woman’s insecurities about wearing the bright red remains of her partner’s spanking. I was naturally drawn to this story of intrigue where it prompted me to think of lipstick on a collar, where you see it, and wonder just when and how it got there.

Whether you’re a giver a receiver, or like me, a voyeur, you’re bound to find
several gems in Cheeky to leave you poised, panting and ready for a lick or two.

I posted this review on Amazon and gave it a well deserved five stars.


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