Where Do I Get Off?

Of course, there had to come a day when I had to talk about at least a bit of my process of putting together Can’t Get Enough. I guess since the whole thing went so much smoother than I ever could have imagined, I thought that my silence was protecting me from some stroke of bad luck or the wicked publishing jinxes, but alas, there are bound to be bumps in the road.

So, yes, in April, I turned in a book. I had selected some amazing stories, stories that had me in awe. Of course, I’d had to walk away from some really good ones because of theming and spacing issues which meant I had to send out a truck load of rejections. But even in doing that I received not one death threat in return. Authors even wished me luck with the project and expressed their excitement in seeing it come to light and wanted to help promote.

I thought I had gotten off easy and wondered how I had gotten so lucky.

I let my tentative list of authors know that they were included in the initial manuscript and I would keep them in the know as to what I knew which is what I’ve been doing. And all I know right now is that we’re set to fly one year from my turn in date which makes it a tentative pub date of April 2014. Now, I don’t know why, but I’ve always operated under the assumption that no news is good news. I hadn’t received word that anyone’s story was cut. I hadn’t received back any additional edits or seen the galleys (and not that I won’t). But I also hadn’t received the contracts for the individuals included or the received the go ahead to send them. And none of this is odd to me because I’ve been in the game a long time and am more than used to the time line (hello wrote a story in 04 and saw it published in 06!) But I have an author or two who maybe isn’t used to it and is fretting. And I am in turn fretting and wondering if I am doing right by these people and the rest of them and in no way with this being my first time out as editor do I want to feel like I’m not getting it exactly right. I don’t want to leave anyone hanging or have anyone feel like things aren’t on the up and up.

So, I’m thinking a mass email is in order… just in case there are others who may be thinking the same thing and not saying anything because yeah, maybe I’ve been there and don’t remember… and everyone can benefit from a check in…right?


One thought on “Where Do I Get Off?

  1. I think as long as you’re up front with everyone about the timeline, that’s all you can do. I know as an author and editor it can be frustrating to wait but it makes the happy news all the happier when it arrives. Looking forward to reading it (and more!).

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