The Easy Hard Part

I’m still wading through submissions for Can’t Get Enough which hadn’t yet reached a point where I want to tear out my hair. Maybe I’m spoiled with first timer’s good luck or I just haven’t hit that rough spot yet, but so far I’ve been able to easily pick out those ones that really, really fit and those ones that, while still totally awesome, just don’t.

And, well, I guess you could say there’s my dilemma, if there’s any. With many of these submissions, I feel like I’m reading a neverending multi-themed anthology, story after story that could and should be published in its own right. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve clutched bed sheets, and now it all has to end and some will stay and some will go and many, I know I’ll see again, somewhere.

I’ve already kicked off a few notices of rejection…no need in waiting on that end when you already know it’s not a fit and I want to give writers the opportunity to get their work back in the game. I have a few more to read and I have some yeses and strong maybe-s and I’ll have to sit myself in a corner and cry for a day or so, but somewhere out of this there will come a book, my first one, and I simply can’t wait.


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