The Other Side of the Game

Eventually, I’ll be starting another blog where I sorta chronicle my experiences editing my first anthology. Lord knows I wouldn’t want to put you through that here if that’s not necessarily and always what you’re here for. What I can and will say for now, though, is that despite whatever fears or apprehension I may have had going into this, everything is starting off wonderfully. Maybe it’s too early on for me to properly gauge, and maybe luck has had it that I’ve opened up gem after gem, but I’m in awe at the diversity of stories and quality of writing that’s landed in my inbox.

The only forseeable problem I can think of at this moment is that I want to say yes, yes, yes, when my word count limit will eventually require me to make some really hard decisions. But, I don’t want to think about that now. I simply want to bask in the joy and awe that is reading story after story, so many of them beautiful, brilliant works that belong somewhere, even if not here.

Sigh. I’m not saying anything that hasn’t been said or even thought about, but hey… it’s what’s rolling around the old dome at the moment.

Back at it…


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