New Year, new…


Yeah, I don’t buy into all that, though I do like the idea of fresh starts, be they at the beginning of a new year, or the dawn of a new day.  Needless to say, I haven’t resolved to do or not do anything in 2013.  I’m just happy to still be alive and kicking, and still have the ability and opportunity to write and publish.

I didn’t do a 2012 wrap-up post, but it was my first year publishing with the new-ish imprint Mischief Books.  I also signed my very first contract to edit an anthology, Can’t Get Enough, with Cleis Press, which I hope will lead to other opportunities editing wise.

There were some exciting releases, like my stories in Zane’s Z-Rated and Kathleen Warnock and Jewelle Gomez’s Best Lesbian Erotica 2013.

I’ve been more diligent in my writing, actually finishing and submitting things on a regular basis.  I’m still waiting to hear back on some things, but I’m confident that 2013 will be a great year in publishing (fingers crossed).

I am actively working on being more organized, though, hence the picture above where I’ve put most of my contributor’s copies in a box since they were spread all over the house and I have twins who can read well now.  Otherwise, I want to continue doing what I’m doing, just more often and of course, better.


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