And now that that’s over and done…


The holidays came and went, leaving me with barely the time, breath nor energy to do much other than last minute prep around the house and for the kids.  I didn’t cook dinner, spent a little time with in-laws and had some of my family over that night for drinks and what not.

I am tired.

I get to trash my old tree this year once I take it down, but didn’t make the sales to replace it for cheap. Meh.

I got a nice wireless printer to start printing and reading these Can’t Get Enough submissions, for which I’m still soliciting, by the way.  I just love a practical gift.

Now, honestly, I’m ready to get back into the swing of things.  I’m ready to jump back into the writing.  It’s been more than a week, closer to two and I barely remember what I was working on last.  Was it hot girl on girl action?

Anyway, here’s to getting back to normal, whatever that may be.


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