Any Time, Any Place


While indulging in the twenty-four hour + sex fest that is Alison Tyler’s Morning, Noon and Night: Erotica for Couples, I soon realized that there was something to be enjoyed about each story. Sex every hour on the hour?  Who could resist?

However, I found myself especially drawn to Jeremy Edwards’ Elevenses, immediately smitten with Cilla and Drew and their Saturday morning routine of satiating their desire just before noon.

I do have a confession, though, my favorite story in the book also made me a little envious. I, too, am a creature of habit.  I was once partial to the hour of three a.m.  My motto was, wake me up, then find the sexiest way you can to put me back to sleep.

Over the years, though, I’ve become a slave to convenience and opportunity. If the kids are gone for the afternoon, that’s when we have an unspoken and unofficial meeting in the bedroom, the shower, or maybe even the back deck.

If we’re driving alone and find a place to pull off briefly and discreetly, we take advantage. An often exhausted wife, parent, writer and 9 to 5er, I’ve learned to get it in where and when I can fit it in.

But, I’ve also learned to love the spontaneity, the surprise of an unexpected and unplanned for tryst.  Sure, elevenses every Saturday would be nice, but I also can enjoy occasional oneses on a Sunday, fourses on a Wednesday, and on any day – a two a day.

Of course you can have spontaneity, and learn to love it, too, even if it’s only vicariously. Just open up Morning, Noon and Night: Erotica for Couples, pick a page, and indulge in whichever hour you land.


3 thoughts on “Any Time, Any Place

  1. Jeremy, whenever I’m reading an anthology and come upon a story of yours, I know that not only are you going to bring the sexy, but tell one hell of a story. It was my pleasure to highlight it. I loved it.

  2. It’s such a simple and beautiful concept for an anthology, I’m amazed no one’s thought of it before. Every piece looks like a winner thus far on this tour!

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