Across My Knee: The Delights of Spanking is wearing some new clothes nowadays, and I, for one, think the spiffy new outfit is pretty damn hot.  Inside the cover, both the old and the new, rests my little spanking story, Music Morris Made.  I will talk more about it and the new ebook cover in the coming couple of weeks as Mischief releases new covers for several of their titles.

Maybe the clothes do make the woman.  Hot damn, those jeans!

In other news, I’m taking a big, deep breath and coming down from yesterday’s high of announcing my very first editing thingy-thing.  You saw the call…right?  You heard me talk and tweet about it all day long…right?

So, there’s that, and a story to finish, and laundry and pulling my tree and ornaments out of a friend’s storage and resisting the urge to go ahead and put it up.  Oh, yeah, this is my life, isn’t it?

Have a good and productive Saturday, folks, or hell, a nice, lazy one.  Just enjoy!


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