Moving Right Along

After a quick inquiry yesterday, I received word that an editor had passed on a piece of mine I had submitted in the spring.  I’m going to look at resubmitting it elsewhere, possibly online, though it is a rather long piece, topping out at just over 4k.  When I get a minute, I’ll look at the piece at a whole and see if it can’t be reworked all together.  Less is more (she tells herself).

To balance the scales, though, I got word that another short sold to a print anthology, so that’s good.  A lot of deadlines got moved way up, too, so some projects that I previously thought I had missed out on, it turns out I still have a shot at.

Tomorrow I’ll be hosting the wonderful erotica author Sommer Marsden  on my blog where she’ll be talking about her sexy, new shifter novel, Lion Hearted.  I can’t wait!  She’ll be taking comments here and at other stops on her blog tour for a prize, so make sure you stop back in!


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