Bi The Way…An Excerpt from “Open”

It occurred to me today that Open: Five Filthy Bisexual Stories, the bisexual antho featuring myself, Alison Tyler, Saskia Walker, Sommer Marsden and Sophia Valenti had been out (tee hee) since July and had yet to be reviewed.  So, I went to Amazon to link it up and ask whoever had purchased a copy to maybe review it.  Well imagine my surprise and delight when I went there and saw that it had already received a FIVE star review!!! Mind you, we would love to see more, so keep them coming, and if you’v ebeen straddling the fence (again, tee-hee) here’s an excerpt from my included story, Running Hot, to help tip you to the other side:

Kitten’s top stuck to her now.  The lacy imprint of her baby blue bra pressed against the thin, moist fabric.  She loosened the bottom few buttons and tied it just underneath her bust.

She was waiting on Robin to be done with her car.

Kitten knew she could have easily called someone to pick her up, but she chose to hang around, check out the posters and the outdated magazines in the small lobby area of the garage.

“Who normally does your work for you?”

Robin asked the question without raising her head from beneath the hood of Kitten’s Mustang, without so much as glancing in Kitten’s direction.

But Kitten knew what Robin was really asking.  Robin wanted to know what they all wanted to know.  Was Kitten into girls?  Had Kitten really been there before or was she just testing the waters?  And Kitten knew she could tell Robin or she could keep it to herself.

But Kitten said, “My boyfriend, my ex-boyfriend Ben used to take it to his guy across town.”

Robin grunted.  Clearly she wasn’t impressed.

“Any idiot could fix this, you know.  You could fix this,” She said to Kitten.

“Right,” Kitten sucked her teeth.

Robin said, “I’m serious.  Come here, um…”


Robin laughed and shook her head, hesitant.  But she said, “Look…Kitten.”

Kitten walked over and looked under the hood where Robin was pointing.

Robin smelled good.  So good that Kitten almost wished she hadn’t inhaled.  Kitten had imagined this, exactly this, being pressed into the hard nook of Robin’s side, Robin’s long, thin arm on the other side of her.  Robin guided Kitten’s hands across the warm engine, stopping at various places and talking directly into Kitten’s ear.

You can read the rest of this story and four smoking others in Open, by purchasing it here.


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