Just Do It?

Spontaneously, I took up a fellow tweeter on a 1k for one hour challenge yesterday morning, where you sit down with the intent to put out one thousand words in one hour.  I saw his tweet just as I was about to lay down to nap and I along with three others took him up on the offer.

I didn’t have a definitive plan.  I didn’t have a particular story or scene in mind.  In fact, I only had five or six minutes to grab my laptop and get started.  But when I did, the words just flowed.  I was at 1k at just past thirty minutes in.  I was into the story and into the characters.  The scene happened to be for a work in progress that I had started a couple of days ago, so it really pushed me ahead on that project and helped me figure some things out with it.

I finished the hour off at 1,185 words, but I didn’t stop there.  I simply took a break and wrote sporadically throughout the day.  If I had to guess, I’d say the story is nearing the 2,500 word mark and shaping up well.

It got me wondering why I can’t just do this every day?  What’s one hour of my life when it can do such much as far as productivity?  I doesn’t have to be at 8 or even 10 a.m.  It could even be thirty minutes here, thirty minutes there… couldn’t it?

I also got news that a story of mine is initially included in a collection of Anal Erotica, barring being cut at the publisher’s.  I had submitted two, the other didn’t make it, so it leveled out.  I’ll share details when/if I can.

So, I’m feeling a little less like a loser now, and excited about upcoming projects.  If you’ve stuck it out with me, many, many hugs to you!



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