I Love When You Love It

This weekend wasn’t the best, and in the immortal words of Mr. Forest Gump, “That’s all I’ve got to say about that.”

But, hey, nothing lifts a girl’s spirits (and maybe her skirt just a little bit) by seeing a nice mention in a book review.

Now, how much do I love Twitter?  Let me count that damn ways.  One because it linked me with a new follower who had recently reviewed Zane’s Z-Rated: Chocolate Flava 3 and had some nice words to say about my story, Choices:

‘Choices‘ by Tenille Brown is another one that stands out. Why?  Because of her short purple dress and mocha colored thighs, that’s why. (Oh yeah… and the orgasmic sex on the Cadillac didn’t hurt either). 

You can read his full review here, he gives a great run down of the entire anthology.

Shout out to Jason for reminding me that Leroy was pimpin’ that big Cadi!

I also stumbled on another review that was posted over on Erotica Revealed for the anthology of Lesbian Erotica, Sapphic Planet edited by Beth Wylde and Kissa Starling that features my story, Taming TIldy.  Here’s what was said by the lovely Lisabet Sarai:

I was delighted to see a story from Tenille Brown, the first (for me at least) in quite a while. Her “Taming Tildy” features a woman’s discovery of how she can make her spoiled brat lover behave.

Lisabet’s full review of the anthology can be read here.

Hey, what can I say?  I’m easy…to please.  If you like my stories, let me know, and I’ll love you long time.


One thought on “I Love When You Love It

  1. Hi, Tenille!

    Google Alerts sent me here. So glad you’re still writing, as I haven’t read anything from you for a long time. Contact me off list if you have a moment so we can catch up (you’ll find my email address on my website under Links).

    And I DID like your story in Sapphic Planet.


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