Excerpt From My Story “Choices” in Zane’s Z- Rated: Chocolate Flava 3

Today is the official release day of Z-Rated: Chocolate Flava 3 edited by Zane, which features my story, Choices.  I”ve posted a short excerpt below:

It was nice to put her elbows on the table and answer texts and emails while she ate her chicken and to burp without saying excuse me.

After all, it was just Leroy.  They had been married eight years and he had seen her at her worst.  And it was funny how some things with Leroy were still a natural reflex for her, like handing him a napkin and telling him he had crumbs in his beard.  How she ordered water for him because he never seemed to remember that scotch wasn’t a good thing to chase your food with.

His food half eaten, Leroy asked, “Was dinner all you had planned, or was there something else?”

And he had that shit-eating grin on his face like he already knew the answer.

But, Adrienne didn’t want to give him the satisfaction, so she said, “No, there was nothing else.”

Leroy looked her up and down, then, from her come-fuck-me heels to her cleavage baring fuck ‘em dress.  He knew.  He had to know.

You can read the full story in the anthology by purchasing it here.


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