That Old Familiar

Yesterday, I dragged around, thinking no one noticed it but me.  As day shifted into evening and it was time to lay across the bad for the ritual of lazy t.v. watching, spouse mentioned that it seemed like something was bothering me.  It was, but it hadn’t occurred to me until just then.  School was starting the next day.  I had spent the last thirty minutes or so getting clothes and supplies together, making sure I didn’t miss a beat or risk being late because being late or not having everything in place would throw everything off.

But I had done all of that, so what was wrong?

Anxiety, that was it.  I was worried about what was to come.  Phone calls from teachers.  My daughter not adjusting well to her new school and new team.  I didn’t know how things would turn out.  I didn’t know, I just didn’t…

I let her pick out her outfit, a funky little number – a pleated plaid skirt and offbeat tank top that I wouldn’t have picked for her but I practiced restraint and kept my opinion to myself.  We “compromised” on the shoes.

She didn’t want breakfast this morning.  I worried about a blood sugar drop. I got her to eat some cheese on the way.  I’m checking my phone up to the minute, but still, no calls.

I think, I hope, it’s going to be a good day.


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