Dead Lines.

So, you’ve seen a call that you’re just itching to write a story for and submit it to.  You grab that notebook or laptop and you get to work, eagerly writing away.

But then something happens.  Maybe life happens.  Maybe a kid or a spouse or a pet or even you get sick.  Either way, your story doesn’t get finished and you watch your deadline go sailing by.

What do you do then?  What do you do with those words that you catered specifically for that certain anthology for that theme?  Is it useless now?  Are they wasted words?

And how do you feel about it?  Guilty?  Unaccomplished?  Do you spend hours thinking about what might have been?

I’ve been here more times than I care to think about, but I’m glad to say that in 2012, I’ve been more diligent and dedicated to my writing life.  Yesterday, however I let two publishing opportunities pass me by, and I had a running start on both stories.  They were great stories, personal bias aside, but they now sit unfinished.  It doesn’t matter what my excuses were.  August 1st has come and gone and I probably would have been left wondering what I would do with them now.  However, one of them I know I can mold to fit the theme of another upcoming call and the other I can easily submit to a literary mag at any time.

In the meantime, there is no woe is me over here.  I’m too busy celebrating the hits instead of crying over the misses. Check out the hot cover of Mischief Books’ upcoming Ebook Opportunistic Encounters:  Too Fast For Love, which features my story, Having His Cake:


2 thoughts on “Dead Lines.

  1. I’ve been trying to only start stories when I know I have enough time to finish them, but I still get burned all too frequently. I get away with pushing the deadline once, then feel compelled to do it again. I’ve been trying to build room for error into my writing schedule, but it’s hard to hold myself to it! I decided not to go for several August 1 deadlines, even though I was excited about the concepts, because I didn’t think I could make them without an excess of stress. It is so hard to hold myself to that discipline, though!

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