If it comes back…

Just about a year ago, I had a very bad experience pitching my very first anthology idea.

Actually, I won’t call it my first, because the first idea didn’t make it far at all, which is why it’s hardly memorable.  This other idea, however, had spark, seemed to be timely and marketable and looked as if it was going places.  I even submitted potential titles and subtitles.  Months went by without my hearing anything, and I counted it as a wash, as fickle as the publishing game can be, only to find out that coincedently a very similar idea was suddenly out there and stories were being solicited for it.  Long story short, I blogged about it and a rep for the publisher contacted me citing a “misunderstanding” and assured me that my idea was still on the table.

Fast forward a year, and apparently my idea either never left the table or was fed as scraps to the dogs.  Anyhoo, I sent off an email just to test the waters and things seemed to be…forgotten about for lack of a better phrase but another idea was sort of dangled in front of me.

And I sort of bit.

Now, I’m sort of waiting and tossing around other ideas in my head after I swore I’d never, ever pitch any anthology ideas ever, especially here.  I figured it was probably a sign for me to stay in my lane, that some people write, and some people edit and not everyone is meant to do both.

But I don’t know.  Maybe then wasn’t my time.  Maybe my time is now.


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