The Story Behind The Story

The following post was originally supposed to appear on another blog but didn’t. It’s about my story, Reasoning, which appeared in Best Bondage Erotica 2011. Enjoy.

As a general rule, I don’t go autobiographical in my stories, but as I often work out my, um, issues through my writing, I sometimes find myself sneaking in a little bit of truth.

And it so happened with a little story called Reasoning.

It began with a bed. A modest bed, real wood, comfortable mattresses, a real deal for what we could afford at the time. Not too fancy, but timeless, could last forever if we wanted.

And we did want it to last forever… at the time.

But stuff happened in the relationship and there was a little separation. Roughly three months my then boyfriend and I lived apart, and well, hell, life went on…

…and on and my man came back and we got married and enjoyed a brief honeymoon phase, but soon, the bed began to bother him. There were backaches and sleepless nights and nightmares and all sorts of craziness.

You see, he knew there had been some, uh, activity, and turns out, it was quite a hard pill for him to swallow.

No amount of mattress flipping or sheet changing could erase the images of what might have happened in that bed. The actual happenings had been magnified by a hundred in his mind. I was actually impressed with the image he had built of me. Boy was I a vixen, a sexual majestic, getting it in at all angles, when in all actuality, my knees aren’t that reliable anymore, and my asthma tends to flare up at the most inconvenient of times, and I’ve never, ever claimed to be ultra flexible.

I had my ideas of fixing the little bed problem. Taking an axe to it Jason style was one, dragging it out back and setting it ablaze was another. But with my bad neck and back, sleeping on the floor night after night wasn’t really a plausible or appealing idea.

So, I… wait for it

…didn’t do what the female lead in my story did, although I thought about it. A few things stopped me though.

One, we didn’t have bedposts, or any real bondage material, and two, neither of us ever developed a hankering for spanking, either giving or receiving (I sure hate to disappoint those who may have thought I was actually writing what I know. Sorry, folks, I am actually just that creative.)

So, I nipped the little problem in the bud with a few keystrokes and a submission.

And as of today, he still doesn’t know what Reasoning is actually about.

Ironically, though, we ended up having to get a new bed anyway. Our dog Sugar had, over time, chewed through the boards of the old one and it collapsed on us one night.

But… here’s a treat for those of you who want a true sexy tidbit from Tenille Brown, author of erotica:

We were having anniversary sex during the collapse. Me on top. Reverse cowgirl. 😉


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