On The Upswing

I’d have to say it was a good day yesterday.

I received notification that a story of mine, Please Come Again, has been included in the initial manuscript of an upcoming anthology, pending publisher’s approval. It came with wonderful words of praise for the story (which features a homeless character), so I was quite happy about that.

Not long after, I got another bit of good news that I can’t/won’t disclose just yet. Some things you just have to sit on (I call it jinxing; you might just call it good sense). I tell you, though, if someone stuck me with a pin right now, I’d probably pop.

It’s all good, don’t get me wrong, but I still can’t help but wonder why and I do question the timing. That being said, mama didn’t raise no fool. Opportunity is opportunity. Show and prove.

A dear friend says the universe is simply shifting in my favor, and well… I guess I’ll go with that… for now.

I have to choose a short piece for another writer friend of mine to use in a project she’s doing. I don’t know if it’ll be something already written or if I’ll write something new.

Right now, I’m sipping coffee and have an achy back. And I have some stuff to do.


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