Something Different

I did a bit of browsing yesterday and found three calls I’m going to submit to. One is short non-fiction, the other two are fiction optional, but none are erotic.

I’m not intimidated. I’ve broken the non-fiction and fiction market before, but I found my little niche in erotica and that’s where I made a “name” for myself. Now, I’d like to step out a little, expand a little which I had always intended to do, but now I’m wondering, with the pile of published erotica that I’m sitting on, how seriously will people take me as a non-fiction/fiction writer?

I could be all inclusive in my bio, let them know about all of the “Best Of” Erotic Series I’ve been in, how popular my lesbian and spanking erotica is, or I could stick to the (very limited) “need to know” stuff, like the short biography I did on the late Bebe Moore Campbell, or my award winning essay on marriage or another award winner on child molestation.

But then I’d wonder if that’s enough. If they’d think I wasn’t a serious enough or seasoned enough writer.

I guess this is where regret comes into play, where I wish I had actually done what I said I would do years ago and remember to publish a little fiction and non-fiction while still doing erotica.
But, I lost my way, or got comfortable or something.

Maybe it’s never too late?


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