Nothing is as nothing does?

Last week I showed up temporarily to, I guess, account for what I (hadn’t) been doing over the last month or so. Admittedly, a big problem of mine is feeling as if I’m not doing enough. That if I’m not receiving emails or receiving story request s that either I’m all washed up or I’m not writing enough, submitting enough, good enough.

It’s nearly mid-year, and so far, I don’t have a lot to show for it, acceptance wise.

On Twitter, I did a little tally. It was mostly affirmation for myself, but it went as such:

Stories submitted: 8

Stories accepted: 1

Stories rejected: 1

Stories pending: 6

So, on average, two stories submitted per month, which, in the scheme of things, really isn’t bad at all. I work full-time, I’m married and I’m raising twins with special needs. Hell, let’s even throw the dog and the turtle in there, too. I get the writing in when I can… well, if the inspiration is there. I’m not one of those “sit your ass down and get it done” types. I have to be moved to write, or I won’t produce anything worthwhile.

Some could say that’s a cop out; that if I really wanted to do this… and for YEARS I’ve been SAYING I want to do this.

But… I’ve yet to take the leap.

I’ve been thinking of resurrecting THE NOVEL. And if you’ve been a faithful reader of this blog, you’ll know that while I was pregnant, oh… eight, nine years ago, I produced and signed a book contract for WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE ON THE OUTSIDE. Back then it was to be my way out, a way I could stay at home with my newborns and realize my dream of being a full-time writer, but that particular publishing house when kaput and I was so soured by the turn of events that I put the novel away and never pitched it elsewhere. By the way, I didn’t have an agent and that was the only company I pitched it to and they immediately accepted it.

Almost daily, I hold the disc in my hand and consider popping it in, printing it out and revamping it. It seems simple enough, but I always talk myself out of it.

Man, I totally didn’t mean for the post to go THAT way.


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