The Love

One writer recently posted how writing is hard and lonely, and it can be. It can also be a cut throat and a cold, cold world. I will be the first to admit that it’s not for the faint of hearts.

I, myself, can be quite sensitive.

I started down this path 10+ years ago. I remember I wrote one story and I submitted it EVERYWHERE, it didn’t matter what the call was for. I was a rookie; I didn’t know anything about doing my research first.

For that reason alone, things could have gone very bad for me, however, I continually stumbled upon people who extended their hands and guided me in the right direction. I don’t know what it was about me and my writing that made them want to take the time to lead me down the right path. I want to think it was promise and potential. I want to think it was raw talent hidden behind a few rookie mistakes. So many people didn’t know that their words were the difference between stop and go for me.

I feel forever fortunate that I was one of the lucky ones, one of the ones who received encouraging rejections in the beginning, who received “no, but (insert feedback here)” instead of simply no, leaving me to ponder and eventually come to the conclusion that I suck as a writer.

Last summer, I decided I wanted to finally attempt to edit my own anthology of short erotic fiction. I got my proposal together, drafted a Call for Submissions and queried with a publishing company. Months passed and I heard nothing from the publisher, but I received a few submissions from some very well known authors in the genre. After sufficient time had passed, I got back in touch with the publisher letting them know that I had these writers on board and they got back to me letting me know that my theme wasn’t a very marketable one at that time.

And that could have been a blow for me, could have made me throw in my hat and decide to stick to the writing, however, this particular editor encouraged me to query with more ideas, which I did, and she grabbed onto one.

I drafted another proposal and call for submissions and submitted it, and roughly a week later I got the response that my proposal looked “good and marketable” and would be added to the list for discussion.

Still there was the task of letting the other authors know that the other anthology would be a no-go, at least for now. I sent those emails out yesterday, and today, the very first response I read said:

Your anthology idea should have been grabbed. You have a great theme,
accessible and fun, and I feel sure that if it has been passed over
it’s a sign of the downturn in the market and no more.

And it was from one of the “well-knowns” that I mentioned.

It made me cry.

I also received a couple of positive responses from other for my new call. So that’s where I am right now. And I know I’m risking sounding dramatic, but I just feel so… honored, so full of emotion right now…

I’m just feeling the love all over the place.


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