You know what they say about no news.

Well, we saw what happened when I fretted about waiting for responses for my current irons in the fire. I received a quick rejection for an oral sex story I had submitted just a couple of weeks ago. Then, I decided I’d just sit back and wait… that maybe no news is good news and not look for those quick responses in my inbox.

I then got another email, this one a tentative acceptance for another oral story I had submitted for the same anthology (and thankfully so, since it upped my odds, apparently). And I always explain the “tentative” part. My story is included in the manuscript to be turned in to the publisher, but runs the risk of being cut once it’s AT the publishers. And, yes, I’ve had the honor of having a story cut by the actual publisher, once, years ago when I was still trying to break into getting published and it was absolutely crushing for me. The editor, however, was very kind about it and was a wonderful mentor for me for a while and that same story went on to be published elsewhere.

So, I’m 1 and 1 here on the submissions front. Three stories still in limbo. Several in the works in various stages.

I’ve also received another anthology in the mail to read and review.


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