It’s Valentine’s Day weekend, and I’ll be your sucker

I tend to postmark my relationship in holidays, even in Superbowls as I recently told my husband that this was our fifth Superbowl “together” though we weren’t physically. And this is our fifth Valentine’s day and as I prepare to meet him in Georgia for the weekend, I’ve been reflecting on days of Valentine’s past… like our first when we were both fresh out of prior marriages and living back in our parents’ house. I made him a mixed CD, got him a bear and some candy and then got called into work. The second we spent the weekend in North Carolina in a city he had never visited. The third and forth in Atlanta where I have family and we spent time with my cousins and my great aunts.

And now.

I can’t say where it really became a tradition for us, but if comes naturally to plan where we’re going and what we’re doing for Valentine’s Day… I’ve never been that much of a sucker for it before so, it’s kinda nice not recognizing myself for a bit…

This week was the second of three that he’s been away for work and I’m extremely excited to just get there. He’s told me about a restaurant he wants us to go to. He’s scoped out the spots where I like to shop. I’m sitting here beaming… have reserved the room and printed my directions. Have packed the car and made proper babysitting arrangements.



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